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Information Advantage (Nasdaq: IACO), Eden Prairie, Minn., a provider of Web-based business intelligence software, has announced that industry analysts are supporting the release of DecisionSuite Eureka!(TM) (Eureka!), a new Internet-based solution that effectively integrates Information Advantage and IQ Software (Nasdaq: IQSW) product lines, as an important development in the business intelligence marketplace.

META Group

"Web portals, like DecisionSuite Eureka!, represent a significant new trend in content management and distribution for business performance management and business intelligents by making information more easily available to the masses," said Don MacTavish, senior research analyst, Application Development Strategies, META Group. "Unlike other Web authoring and management technologies, portals can reach all decision makers with a simple interface to all their corporate data sources, and then allow users to migrate to more advanced functionality when ready."

Aberdeen Group

"Portal technologies offer companies the ability to control all user entries into their business intelligence networks with common security, navigation and search capabilities," said Bob Moran, director, decision support research at Aberdeen Group. "DecisionSuite Eureka! is uniquely positioned to provide this open portal framework, as well as to deliver the analysis tools that populate the portal with meaningful, interactive content. Companies looking for comprehensive business intelligence solutions should seriously investigate this innovative product."

Current Analysis

"Internet portals have demonstrated their usefulness by providing a jump point for millions of users to explore the Web and find the public information they need.," said Mike Schiff, director of data warehousing strategies at Current Analysis. "With Eureka!, Information Advantage is taking an innovative approach that brings these portal concepts into the business intelligence sector, greatly expanding the number of concurrent users that an organization can reach with corporate information. While Eureka! will be open to third party, perhaps even competitive, decision support products, we *expect it will also serve to facilitate the integration of Information Advantage's products with those being acquired as a result of its upcoming acquisition of IQ Software."

GIGA Information Group

"Designing a portal to a company's information sources is a unique and innovative approach to facilitating corporate information delivery and exploration," explained Teresa Wingfield, research director at GIGA Information Group. "Information Advantage's DecisionSuite Eureka! provides users with access to a broader range of business intelligence tools and information content."

Hurwitz Group

"With their planned acquisition of IQ Software, Information Advantage will become a new player in the enterprise reporting sector," commented Robert Craig, vice president at Hurwitz Group. "We believe companies are moving in the direction of establishing integrated reporting and analysis functions. Information Advantage's first step at integration of DecisionSuite and SmartServer is consistent with this emerging market trend. With Eureka!, Information Advantage is moving from point solutions towards comprehensive, integrated suites."

Patricia Seybold Group

"Information Advantage is addressing the Web business intelligence community with an outside-in approach," said Mitch Kramer, senior consultant at Patricia Seybold Group. "Instead of placing a client/server application within a browser, DecisionSuite Eureka!'s design is based on Internet portal standards. This difference should be enable them to reach decision makers of all levels with business intelligence information, just as public Web portals are used by all almost all Internet users."

About Information Advantage

Information Advantage Inc. (Nasdaq: IACO) develops and markets Business Intelligence solutions designed to create an Intelligent Enterprise by accelerating and improving the decision making of all knowledge workers throughout the organization via the Internet, intranet or extranet. Information Advantage's Business Intelligence suite offers query, all forms of OLAP, and enterprise reporting on a single platform. For the third consecutive year, Information Advantage is the only relational OLAP vendor on Open Systems Advisors Crossroads A-List to receive the AA-rating, the highest bestowed, and is the only company ever to be awarded their Product of the Year for Knowledge Management. For more information, contact Information Advantage at 612/833-3700.
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