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There are numerous oil and gas fields in West Java and the adjacent Java Sea, including the major oilfield of Ardjuna discovered in 1969 by Arco (part

of BP since 1999). By the mid-1980s Ardjuna was producing almost 183,000 b/d of 37[degree sign] API oil. There are smaller oilfields like Arimbi, found in 1972.

The oilfields in West Java and its offshore are reservoired in clastic and carbonate rocks and in fractured volcanics. Gas discoveries there are the result of active exploration to satisfy growing local demand, including the Jati Sempurna field which is 3 km outside Jakarta.

Following earlier disappointment in the East Java Sea, major gas reserves were found in 1989 in the Madura Strait by Mobil, which has developed them for supply to the market on Java island. Lasmo has been its partner in the field. In West Madura, gas is produced by a JV of Gunanusa Utama Fabricators, an Indonesian gas E&P company, and Kodeco Energy of South Korea. The output is supplied to the local market.

BP (Arco) Bali North has developed the Pagerungan gas field and nearby structures, which Arco discovered in 1985 in East Java's offshore north-east of Bali. Gas production began in March 1993 and reached 400 MCF/d in 1995. BP holds 90% in this. The gas is supplied by a 430-km marine/land pipeline to East Java's power system of the state power utility PLN and a local gas distribution unit of the state's PGN.

BP has the offshore "Area A" licence in North-West Java, where in July 1995 Arco discovered an oil and gas field 8 km east of Jakarta. The wildcat, PSI KKN-1, was drilled to a total depth of 2,116 metres in 16 metres of water some 5 km east/north-east of Arco's November 1988 discovery of PSI KK-2. Tests yielded 1,151 b/d of oil, 22.7 MCF/d of gas and 848 b/d of condensate from a Middle Miocene "Main-Massive" section. Equity in this area is split by BP (46%), Maxus (24.27%), Repsol (12.45%), Inpex (7.25%), Deminex (5%), Itochu (2.58%) and Warrior (2.45%).
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