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Wardha Vice- Chancellor V. N. Rai was following the tradition of other notables when he equated women writers with prostitutes.

N EHA T ARA M EHTA lists the country's top misogynists


What do Socrates and Sharad Yadav have in common? Ask the JD( U) chief, who invoked the philosopher to block the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill in June, 2009. " Socrates had to consume poison to usher in a revolution. I will also consume poison," he grandstanded. Yadav's pet peeve is women who have their locks coiffured short. " Do you think these women with short hair can speak for women, for our women?" he had thundered when the Bill was first tabled in 1997.

' Do you think these women with short hair can speak for women, for our women?'


Our wolf whistle for the most twisted logic goes to this wrestler- turnedpolitician, who seriously believes there's a link between ' eve teasing' and more women in Parliament. " The girls who will be elected will be those whom boys will whistle at," he said. His MPs put on a display of gentlemanly behaviour in Parliament by trying to snatch a copy of the Bill from the then law minister H. R. Bhardwaj, who had to rescued by the feisty Renuka Chowdhury.

' Girls who will be elected will be those whom boys will whistle at'


Under the 76- year- old troglodyte from la- la land, Deoband's fatwa factory has been working overtime.

The latest edict to emanate from the seminary bars Muslim women from becoming judges.

This May, the mufti had signed a fatwa that said it is un- Islamic for women without a veil to work with men, and that families living off the earnings of such women will be committing ' haraam'. In July 2005, the Dar- ul- Uloom had decreed that Imrana, a woman from Muzaffarnagar raped by her father- in- law, had to marry him. Next, Muslim women were forbidden from contesting panchayat elections without a veil, and had to get their husbands to campaign for them compulsorily. Talk about fatwa diarrhea! ' It is unlawful for Muslim women to work with men and talk with men frankly without a veil'

' It is unlawful for Muslim women to work with men and talk with men frankly without a veil'


He can be hired to incite a riot and has the largest collection of pink underwear in the world, having been flooded with Munnabhai- style love from Facebook activists in response to his men roughing up women in Mangalore pubs. Thanks to the fifteen minutes of infamy, the former Bajrang Dal member made sure that his little- known outfit, Sri Ram Sene, was catapulted onto the nation's imagination.

' Women were engaging in obscene behaviour and taking drugs in the pub.

We have to protect Indian culture and our women from immoral activities'


Haryana's kangaroo courts, a. k. a.

khap panchayats, have ordered the killing of star- crossed lovers from the same gotra and the gang rape of mothers whose sons have eloped.

Supporting them is the University of Texas- educated, polo- playing, former national shooting champion and industrialist MP from Kurukshetra, Naveen Jindal. The khap panchayats, he said, have rendered great service to society since the time of emperors Ashok and Harshvardhan.

Mouthing such shibboleths helps even if his party sees red -- after all, Jats comprise 17 per cent of Jindal's constituency. But to avoid getting ticked off by the Congress one more time, we suggest he sticks to less contentious subjects like waving the national flag and enforcing the smoking ban in Parliament.

' I support the values for which you ( the khap panchayats) are fighting. My family and I have always respected the society's beliefs and culture'


Two years ago, the tiger's cub had roared that he is neither weak nor impotent.

Shiv Sainiks under him seem to be acting with the same sense of misplaced machismo. Soon after his tear- away cousin Raj's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena raked up a controversy over the Wake Up Sid characters for calling aamchi Mumbai ' Bombay', Uddhav's boys tore apart posters of Kurbaan in which Kareena Kapoor poses topless. To extract more media space, they covered up Kareena in a suitably saffron sari.

' The poster is totally against Maharashtra's Hindu culture. What is wrong if we cover up a nude picture of a woman?' -- JITENDRA JANAWALA, Shiv Sena's Andheri deputy chief


Following a family tradition of misogyny ( his father, the late Pramod Mahajan, had equated Sonia Gandhi with Monica Lewinsky), Rahul has become the brand ambassador for domestic violence.

His first wife walked out on him brandishing signs of physical abuse. His honeymoon with Dimpy Ganguly, who he wed after a TV swayamvar, seems to be over as well, with Dimpy posing for tabloids with a bruised thigh and swollen face. The addicted- toprime- time duo was spotted soon after the Dimpy episode outside the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai.

The publicity helped -- Dimpy will now be on Bigg Boss 4. But the marks on her thigh don't lie.

' Rahul punched, kicked and dragged me by my hair after seeing the contents of an SMS on my phone' -- DIMPY MAHAJAN


The moral policeman's death dance against dance bars in 2005 saw 75,000 working women being forced into prostitution. The Mumbai High Court overturned his Talibanesque diktat against dance bars, citing the right to equality and work. Mujrah dens, as a result, are back in business. Can Patil's obsession with bar girls at the cost of other matters of state be explained by the fact that he stopped by Le Lido, a cabaret and burlesque house on ChampsEelysees in Paris, on an official tour?

' Performances by bar dancers corrupt people and injure public morality.'

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