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INDA develops position on disposability issue.

INDA Develops Position On Disposability Issue

The industry's growing concern over disposability and other environmental concerns has led INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, to adopt a position statement on the issue. The position was developed by INDA's Disposability Committee, chaired by Michael Donnelly, of DuPont.

"We accept the importance of the solid waste management issue," said Mr. Donnelly, who was recently elected chairman of the INDA board of directors. "INDA is taking a leadership role in organizing the industry in a responsible fashion. The newly-developed position statement is one of our first steps in guiding and educating the industry, legislators and consumers."

The Disposability Committee sponsored the highly rated Disposing of Disposables Conference last September and has scheduled its second conference for June 4-5 in Baltimore in conjunction with INDA-TEC '90. INDA has also developed the following position statement to guide the nonwovens industry, the association and its member companies in dealing with issues surrounding solid waste management.

INDA's Position On Disposability

INDA, recognizing that some nonwoven fabrics are incorporated in products that are disposed of after a single use, believes that our industry shares responsibility for addressing social concerns about the environment and the quality of life. Therefore, we have formed a Disposability Committee to discharge this responsibility by acting in concert with the association's public, including member companies, customers, consumers, government and society.

In this regard, we have developed the following position statement to guide the nonwovens industry, our association and its member companies in dealing with issues surrounding solid waste management (SWM) with regard to nonwoven fabrics used in disposable products.

* INDA is committed to our industry's continued progress in developing cost effective products of social value.

* We also believe that the social and economical value of nonwoven and nonwoven systems needs to better recognized.

* No single method of waste management is the solution for all disposable products. We support the EPA position that different products and materials require different approaches (source reduction, recycling, incineration, composting, and landfill).

* INDA encourages and supports efforts by member companies to provide products and processes for improved solid waste management that are consistent with EPA guidelines.

* INDA believes that carefully considered improvements over time in both products and SWM methods are needed as new knowledge and technology becomes available and that this approach is preferable to regulation that closes options.

* INDA members support a uniform legislative, regulatory and executive approach to SWM and we support federal regulation that would preclude an avalanche of local, and potentially conflicting, regulations.

* INDA will be a key resource for the industry in developing definitions and recommending meaningful test methods.

* INDA will continue to educate its member companies on new SWM processes and legislative and regulatory trends. We will, for example, continue to provide forums to spotlight progress by INDA member companies and the nonwovens industry.

* INDA will continue to serve as an education resource to inform external publics, such as consumers and government, on waste management facts, industry positions and the social and economic value of its products.
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Title Annotation:Association of Nonwoven Fabrics Industry
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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