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IN THE RUFF; Vet finds poorly mutt had 5 golf balls in his tum.


IT was no wonder this poor dog felt under par when a vet's X-ray found he had five golf balls in his stomach.

Owner Rebecca Miles took springer spaniel-labrador cross Louis in after months of having no appetite, vomiting and just feeling out of the swing of things.

And after seeing the scan, she realised he had been swallowing balls on his daily walk by a golf course near her home.

Louis needed abdominal surgery to remove them but is on the mend - and painfully aware golf balls can cause a handicap.

Rebecca, of Birmingham, West Mids, said: "The golf course is close to home so we often walk near there. Louis loves playing fetch with his ball. He would find golf balls but always drop them when asked. We've no idea when he swallowed the first one, it must be months ago.

"When he got ill we changed his food.

When he continued being sick, we took him to the vet. They did an X-ray and found what they thought were ping-pong balls.

"I knew they would be golf balls. It's a relief to get to the bottom of it, have them removed and see Louis making a recovery."

Emily Moss, who did the op, said: "Louis is lucky. Swallowing one golf ball could be dangerous, let alone five. It's one of the most unusual cases I've ever seen. @dailymirror

"He's lucky. It's one of the most unusual cases I've ever seen EMILY MOSS who did op to remove the balls


HAD MY TEE But Louis is on mend

OFF-PUTTING X-ray of balls in his stomach

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 8, 2019
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