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HARRY HOLLAND once described fellow artist Stephen Young as a man with a "particular vision".

He said: "His paintings are drawn from real events and places and transformed by a very distinct imagination.

"He makes a theatre in which the impedimenta of human relationships become comedies, ironies, peculiarities, played out against each other in a world almost, but not quite, like the one we think we know."

"The subjects are intimate and personal but, as with all good artists, these stories are told in such a way that the artificiality and the apparent eccentricity are a means of expressing the bits and pieces of all our lives that make up the human comedy.

"He points to the real and shows us how strange it can seem if we look at it with a generous and loving eye."

Now Young, who was born in Surrey in 1946 but has lived in Wales for the past 30 years, is displaying around 30 new paintings and drawings.

He has experimented widely as an artist over the years but his greatest influences now come from French art.

The show is at the Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff, until February 21.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 31, 2009
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