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Byline: Kathryn Williams

E'VE been hearing about Wayward Pines for quite a while - well, if you live in TV land, that is - and this week it finally arrived.

WProduced by M. Night Shyamalan and shrouded in secrecy, it clearly hopes to be the next weird small-town mystery a la Twin Peaks. And with all its misty, forested imagery of small-town America and odd-ball goings-on, you can't really blame this reviewer for fearing the worst.

Furthermore, having watched this week's debut episode, I'm still can't say I'm 100% sure about this show - the premise of which centres on Matt Dillon's Secret Service agent who's seemingly being held captive in the titular town of Wayward Pines following a serious car accident.

He's there to try to find two other agents who've gone missing - one of whom he subsequently finds decomposing in a dilapidated house.

Meanwhile, the other agent - played by Carla Gugino - has been absorbed into the apparently perfect white-picket fence communtiy that is oh-so familiar to followers of David Lynch's dark genius.

Don't get me wrong - this should be good. After all, Dillon can be a versatile actor and his demeanour and appearance in this is as frantic and unnerving as Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead II.

Juliette Lewis is at her grubby, mercurial best as a woman who is on her way to probably being Dillon's saviour, or at least helper, while Terrence Howard is the slightly scary town sheriff. Toby Jones also pops up as Dr Jenkins, a psychiatrist who seems to have made a deal with Matt Dillion's boss to get rid of him. That's what I deduced anyway.

Due to the aforementioned elongated build-up to Wayward Pines finally airing, I have to admit I was pretty sceptical about how good it was going to be.

Sadly I was merely 'whelmed' about the first episode (not under or over - just 'whelmed').

I don't think I really cared by the end what was going on.

After the recent epic Fortitude, which started so well and maintained a true mystery until a load of wasps flew out of a woman's mouth (don't ask) - I'm not sure I have the patience to sit this one out.

Wayward Pines has set out its stall pretty soon with the suggestion that something untoward is very obviously going on in the town - what's more, everyone is in on it.

And Dillon's agent is going to have to tread a murky path to try to discover what 'it' is.

Although the real question is whether or not it'll prove intriguing enough to make us want to accompany him.

Wayward Pines is Fox on Thursdays at 9pm @KATHW80


New Twin Peaksy drama Wayward Pines <B

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 16, 2015
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