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ANDERSON TONY, November 15. Six years today. (Remembering you is easy: we do it every day, but missing you is a heartache that never goes away.) loving wife Alice a ndchildren. (Night night, Grandad.) grandchildren and great grandchildren xx.

BAILEY Graham., November 15th. (In our hearts Gra, you'll always stay loved and remembered everyday.) Love our Pam and family xx.

BAILEY Graham., November 15th. My precious only Grandson also my beautiful daughter OLIVE. (Lonely is our home without you, our thoughts and prayers are always with you both. So dearly loved and so very sadly missed, our broken hearts will never mend. God bless you Gra and Oll.) brokenhearted Nana Aud and Dad Graham.

BARKLEY JAMES VICTOR, November 15th, 2011. (Loved beyond all telling, missed beyond all tears.) Joan.

COOKE WILLIAM (BILLY), November 15th, 2010. 2 years today. (Another sad and lonely year. The tears we can wipe away, the heartache is here to stay, as we think of you today, tomorrow and forever. God bless y e h. ) Your everloving wife Kathleen, Karen, Gary and grandchildren xxx.

CROOK BRIAN, November 15. (Remembered, loved and missed everyday.) Love, sister Diane, Vinny and Hannah x CROOK BRIAN, November 15th. 2 years today. (Miss you're than words can say, always in our hearts.) Love Mark, Rick and Nat xx.

CROOK BRIAN, November 15th. 2 years today. (Bri, it feels like yesterday, not a day goes by when we don'talk about you. Love and miss you always.) Paula and Peter xx.

CROOK BRIAN, November 15th. 2 years today. (If tears could build a stairway and memories a Lane, we'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. Miss you so much Bri.) Love Mum and Dad xx.

FORAN AN GE LA , November 15, 1990. (22 years ago we lost our loving daughter/sister/auntie. Oh God why? We all love and miss you, Angela.) Lovedad and all your Family xxx.

GINLEY DOREEN. (19 long years without you Dor. Till then my sister forever in my heart.) Love, Dot and family xxx GLYNN PATRICIA (PAT) (nee MARSDEN), November 15, 15 years today. (Remembered, loved, and missed always.) Love husband Terry andson Michael xx.

HEADON SUE, November 15, 2004. (Eight years to the day the Angels came and took you away. They took you to high above, where you'retained all our love. Always missed and loved.) Craig and Grace xxx.

HYNES PERRY, November 15th, Thirteen years today. (Another year Perry, always thinking of you, never forgotten.) Mum, Dad, Geoff, Steph, Joanne and Jade x OSU WILLIAM November 15, 1982 My Husband, our Dad, tragically taken from us 30 years today (Days, months and years have passed with heartache, sadness and loneliness. We love you, we miss you and our memories are a cushion to cuddle into.) Your forever loving wife Mary, your children Stephen, Debbie, Jackie, Karen and Kelly and grandchildren Amy, Laurie, William, Benjamin and Nell and great grandchild to be xxx.

REDMOND MARK. (10 long years. Forever in our hearts. Still missing you, until we meet again) Love Nannie Margo and family.

REDMOND MARK November 15, 2002 (10 lonely years without you Mark, memories are like keepsakes we treasure our lives through, but ours arevery special because they are of you. Our precious only Son, love and miss you'very single day.) Your broken hearted Mum and Dad, sisters, Niece and Nan.

RUGG SANDRA. (I t ' s fifteen lonely years without you. Have you'ver had a Daughter who meant the world to you, one you'ved so very much and miss her like I do, have you'ver had a heartache and felt such an awful pain, or shed amillion tears that drop like falling rain, if you've never had this feeling, then I hope you'ver do, for when God takes the one you've, He takes a part of you. you're with your Dad andson Wayne. Imiss you so much.) Still broken hearted Mum.

TAYLOR OLWEN (Nee Branscombe), November 15, 2011. Loved and missed and always in our thoughts. Bill, Debbie, Megan and Paul WRIGHT JOAN. (Meet me in my dreams Joan, tell us all you're okay; all our hearts were broken five years ago today. We'll never get over losing you, Mum; our hearts are still torn and tender, but the lovely memories we have of you, we will always remember. Miss you so much.) brokenhearted husband Tommy and all your loving Family xx.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Nov 15, 2012

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