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IN JUST ONE HOUR; How to Stop Smoking Easily.

Tried Patches, gum, will-power and everything else? If you are having trouble kicking the evil weed, Paul Russell, a smoking cessation specialist can help in just one appointment. Paul claims he can transform even the most ardent 60 a day smoker in just one hour. As a reformed smoker himself, he has developed an amazing technique that turns weak willed smokers into empowered smokers in just one hour.

Paul G. Russell Qualified and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Ex-smokers report their success: "I contacted Paul in August 2012 when I attended a hypnosis session to help me quit smoking. He was immediately helpful by phoning me for a full discussion and gave preparation information. I received a letter, questionnaire and CD via the post to prepare me. I found the CD very useful as it explained clearly how hypnosis works to filtrate the subconscious mind. On the day of my session Paul was very encouraging and friendly - checking my reasons for wanting to quit and giving me a full explanation of what would happen in the session and afterwards. I felt immediately at ease and confident in his abilities and I believe that understanding how hypnosis works and hearing about the success rates was very helpful. The session lasted 90 minutes and I left feeling focussed and calm. I haven't smoked since, and better than that - I've had no cravings or desire to smoke. I have full confidence in the process and in Paul as ahypnotherapist,andwouldrecommendthistoanyonewhogenuinelywantstoquit."

Jenny Roberts, Swansea "Yippee. I feel 'over the moon' about stopping smoking and would recommend you very highly to other people. It really does work! I do not even feel like I ever smoked. I am free at last and just wish I had come to you a couple of years ago." Sam Anderson, Student, Conwy "I'm thrilled with the results-more energy, no cough, no depression when I used to take the first drag and more spending money! Having tried at least four times in the past, I truly feel that I'm now a non-smoker as opposed to someone who is really a smoker deep down but doesn't buy any cigarettes! Thanks again for your invaluable support."

Victoria Stuart, Meols, Legal Secretary CB405035 V1 BAW "This technique is so effective," said Paul. "I am achieving an extremely high success rate-this is incredible when you think that gum and patches are only 13 and 16% successful".

"For those few people needing additional help, there is full ongoing free 5 year support, so I support them completely free for 5 years. So should they in the unlikely event need additional help, all they have to do is pick up the phone, make another appointment, and I will treat them completely free until they stop smoking. However, the majority of my patients stop first time, including the sceptics and cynics. If the treatment did not work, I would not offer the free support as my clinic hire expenses would put me out of business, and I have been doing this for 10 years now".

Paul is an experienced, qualified, certified and insured Clinical Hypnotherapist, is registered with British School of Clinical Hypnosis and The Hypnotherapy Association. He acquired his degree in Biology at Portsmouth University and The London College of Clinical Hypnosis, but his roots are in Cheshire, and he moved to Colwyn Bay in his teenage years. He is passionate in helping local people throughout Cheshire and North Wales, quit the smoking habit and regain control of their lives once and for all.

Paul explains, "This powerful new groundbreaking technique is available locally at the Chester Wellness Centre and at With Compliments Therapy in Colwyn Bay and combines the very latest in smoking cessation therapy with NLP which has been further improved by new research from the USA."

Statistics prove that only 6% of people stop smoking using willpower, 10% with gum and 16% with patches and many of these return eventually to start smoking. This leaves a lot of smokers out there who are desperate to quit but just don't know and how and are worried by weight gain and mood swings, depression, fear of how to cope without stress and how to relax. This new programme removes those unwanted side-effects of quitting and really does it much easier to stay stopped and wave a permanent good-bye to smoking."

As well as smoking, Paul can also help those looking to lose weight permanently.

The majority of Paul's clients come from past clients, GP's, dentists and surgeons who have seen patients of their own who have benefited from Paul's potentially lifesaving technique/If you want to stop smoking even though you don't think you can, failed in the past or even enjoy smoking, then give Paul's PA a ring now whilst it is on your mind for further information or to make an appointment-and add years and quality to your life and PS1000's in your pocket.

Phone the Stop Now, Freedom from Smoking Centre for further information or to make an appointment on Freephone: 0800 083 7423 SMOKING FACTS Smoking causes 120,000 deaths a year in the UK- 330 deaths a day 57% of all smokers will die prematurely-this increases the older they stop. 25 a day smokers are 25 times more likely to die from lung cancer than a non-smoker Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, low birth rate and other complications.

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day over an average lifetime will, allowing for inflation cost around PS122,000 Patches have to be worn for weeks, can cause nightmares, rashes and other side effects and are only 13% successful.

Source: ASH/NHS website


Qualified and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Mar 14, 2013
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