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The LitePro 620 and LitePro 610 with VGA are the Only DLP Projectors on the Market to Include Advanced Ease-Of-Use Features, Built-In JBL Audio
 System and Modular Architecture

WILSONVILLE, Ore., June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In Focus Systems(R) today introduced the LitePro(R) 620, the first SVGA projector featuring the advanced Digital Light Processing(TM) (DLP(TM)) technology from Texas Instruments (TI) that creates brighter, higher-resolution images and film-like video quality for multimedia applications. The LitePro 620 and its VGA companion, the LitePro 610, are the first fully integrated, portable DLP projectors to include a suite of exclusive advanced ease- of-use features from In Focus Systems, enhanced sound featuring a JBL built-in audio system and modular architecture. The user-friendly design of the LitePro projectors allows users to easily present and share computer graphics, audio and video in business meetings, sales presentations, training sessions or software demonstrations.

TI's award-winning DLP technology is based on its Digital Micromirror Device(TM) (DMD(TM)), a semiconductor optical switch the size of a dime that precisely controls the placement and intensity of projected light. With more than 480,000 mirrors, the DMD reflects light into or away from an imaging lens creating high-quality projected images.

"Developing products with innovative technologies such as TI's DLP is what has made In Focus Systems the global leader in multimedia projection systems and is part of our ongoing commitment to bring the most advanced and effective projection products to our customers," said Mark Reed, vice president of sales, marketing and service at In Focus Systems. "As the first DLP projector with SVGA, The LitePro 620 will set new standards featuring sophisticated display quality for multimedia graphics, animation and video, while at the same time offering breakthrough, easy-to-use features for users."

DLP Results in Bright, Crisp Images

In Focus Systems' DLP projectors, along with the LitePro family of products, integrate consumer technology and are completely "plug-and- project," engineered to display a bright, high-quality image "out of the box" without requiring adjustments typically associated with set-up of other conventional projectors.

DLP reflective technology integrates the DMD with digital signal processing, memory, software, optics and a dichroic color wheel system to produce digitally precise images with superior brightness. With a virtually unlimited color palette, DLP-based displays offer excellent color saturation and clarity that rivals 35mm slide quality. The seamless pixels of the DMD provide less visual noise and allow for enhanced detail in projected images. In addition, using an integrated digital display maximizes the impact of the entire system's digital processing, yielding clean, crisp video images.

Partnering for Multimedia Made Easy

The LitePro 600 Series was designed in alliance with leading consumer product manufacturers. The LitePro 620 and LitePro 610 offer rich multimedia, featuring a built-in JBL audio system from Harman International, and accurate color quality with the Kodak Color Matching System.

In Focus Systems partnered with Harman International for the second time in recent months to create the most superior audio system in a multimedia projector to date. Branded with the JBL logo, the new LitePro 600 Series incorporates four high-fidelity JBL speakers -- two woofers operating in tuned, reflex enclosures and two wide-dispersion tweeters. Custom electronic equalization provides full-range, smooth frequency response 95 Hz to 16 kHz. The power amplifier generates 20- watts of power, more than ample for typical room-filling audio. Vocal sounds are extremely clear and intelligible, while music has richness and warmth. For large auditorium applications, the audio on the LitePro 620 and LitePro 610 can easily be augmented with additional JBL satellite speakers and subwoofer available as options from In Focus Systems.

"The LitePro 600 Series from In Focus Systems will be the first DLP multimedia projectors to incorporate a built-in JBL audio system," said Sidney Harman, chairman of Harman International. "This marks our second audio system designed in partnership with In Focus, and together we keep setting the standard for full-feature multimedia."

The LitePro 600 Series is planned to be the first DLP multimedia projector featuring Kodak's Color Matching System software. The Kodak system provides the best color management solution for ensuring color accuracy and consistency between input devices such as color scanners, computer monitors and the projected image.

Brightness, Film-Like Quality Video for Multimedia Presentations

The LitePro 620 has 800 x 600 SVGA resolution, while the LitePro 610 offers 640 x 480 VGA resolution, with 800 x 600 compression-capable SVGA resolution. Both multimedia projectors are compatible with most PC and Macintosh computers. The LitePro 600 Series projects images that can be easily seen in typical room lighting. The projector's light source features a high-efficiency, high-brightness 270-watt metal halide lamp that produces high-impact colors and brightness measuring more than 450 ANSI lumens on the LitePro 620 and 350 ANSI lumens on the LitePro 610. Unique to the LitePro 600 Series is a high-bright greyscale mode that allows presenters to easily flip a switch from color to greyscale mode resulting in a display that is two-and-a-half times brighter. Ideal for professionals who regularly present spreadsheets and meeting notes that don't require color, the greyscale mode increases brightness to more than 1,400 ANSI lumens on the LitePro 620 and to 1,200 ANSI lumens on the LitePro 610.

Both projectors weigh 21 pounds (9.5 kg) and are 7.9 inches (h) x 12.9 inches (w) x 15.8 inches (l) (20.6 cm x 32.8 cm x 40.1 cm). The sleek styling is designed to be portable and will complement the most prestigious presentation environments. Controls requiring manual adjustments are color-coded and marked with familiar icons to make set- up quick and easy.

With a virtually unlimited color palette, the LitePro 600 Series supports full-motion video with a contrast ratio of 125:1, and a 25- millisecond response time. The LitePro 600 Series also supports worldwide video standards, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM. In addition, a Universal Power Supply allows the projectors to be used with power sources worldwide.

A high-quality precision optics system featuring a power zoom lens ensures crisp corner-to-corner focus. The LitePro 600 Series projectors can project images from 27 inches/70 cm to 150 inches/380 cm in size.

A Suite of User-Friendly Features

The user-friendly design of the LitePro family of products is setting a new standard for easy-to-use multimedia projection with In Focus Systems' exclusive suite of innovative features including advanced electronics, sophisticated embedded software and user interface, next- generation "Smart Remote," and revolutionary CableWizard(TM), all of which incorporate familiar icons from consumer products to help guide users during assembly and use.

In Focus Systems' custom ASIC provides auto-sensing and software that eliminate time-consuming and difficult sync, tracking and position adjustments associated with other conventional multimedia projectors. The software in the LitePro 600 Series automatically identifies and interprets the computer and video signals coming into the projector and adjusts for optimal image quality.

For custom adjustments, a new user interface with on-line help guides users through the Picture, Audio and Display settings. Point- and-click menu selections are made using the new Smart Remote.

A new, handheld infrared Smart Remote makes it easy to control the LitePro 620 and LitePro 610 without interrupting a presentation. The size of a typical television remote, the Smart Remote features large backlit buttons with familiar icons and tactile response for controlling a PC or Macintosh computer from up to 40 feet away. Easy-to-see indicator lights verify the operational status of the LitePro 620 and LitePro 610.

In Focus Systems' intelligent CableWizard allows users to easily connect their computer, audio, mouse and monitor loop-through to the LitePro 620 and LitePro 610 through an all-in-one system. Powered by an embedded microprocessor, the CableWizard eliminates unsightly cables and gives the user added computer placement flexibility for a more professional presentation. Compatible with most PC and Macintosh personal computers, the CableWizard comes standard with a nine-foot cable. An optional 40-foot extension cable is available, requiring no amplification.

The unique modular design of the In Focus Systems family of new products protects the users' investment by providing a cost-effective method for customizing the product to meet specific application requirements. The modular architecture provides a sensible solution for integrating future product enhancements, thereby extending the products' capabilities. Modules supporting computer graphics compatibility, video support and a NTSC and PAL and SECAM television tuners will be available when the product ships.

Pricing and Availability

The suggested price for a complete LitePro 620 multimedia system, with computer graphics and video modules is $10,999 (U.S. list). The suggested price for a complete LitePro 610 multimedia system, with computer graphics and video modules, is $8,699 (U.S. list). The LitePro 600 Series of projectors will be available in July through authorized In Focus Systems resellers and distributors worldwide. All of In Focus Systems' projection products include a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

In Focus Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: INFS) is helping customers revolutionize the effectiveness of their group communications by improving the way information is shared in business and sales presentations, software demonstrations, education and training, and interactive workgroup meetings. Named one of the 200 Best Small Companies by Forbes magazine in 1995, the company develops, manufactures and markets multimedia projection products and services to present video, audio, graphics and data from personal computers and other electronic devices. In Focus Systems reported more than $200 million in sales in 1995. The company's headquarters are located at 27700B SW Parkway Avenue, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-9215. Call (800) 294-6400 or (503) 685-8888. In Focus Systems' fax number is (503) 685-8631. Visit the In Focus Systems Web site at

In Focus Systems and LitePro are registered trademarks of In Focus Systems Inc. CableWizard is a trademark of In Focus Systems Inc. Texas Instruments, Digital Light Processing, DLP, Digital Micromirror Device and DMD are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated. All other trademarks are for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective companies.

What analysts are saying about In Focus Systems' new LitePro 600

series featuring Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing


"In Focus Systems has taken the new and exciting Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments and wrapped it in a terrific ease-of-use package. The first to announce a DLP projector with SVGA resolution, the LitePro 620 will definitely be popular alongside the new generation of laptops."

-- Bill Coggshall, Pacific Media Associates

"Sound is one of the last frontiers in multimedia presentations. In Focus Systems' new LitePro 600 series projectors, featuring Digital Light Processing technology from Texas Instruments, is equipped with JBL audio engineering for true stereo quality that rivals a home system."

-- Tim Bajarin, Creative Strategies
 -0- 6/13/96

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