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IMSL Fortran 5.0 Library optimized.

Visual Numerics Inc., specialists in numerical analysis and visualization software is optimizing the Visual Numerics IMSL Fortran Library 5.0, which is targeted for use with the next release of the Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows. The combination of the IMSL Fortran Library with the Intel Fortran Compiler allows Fortran application developers to take advantage of mathematical and statistical algorithms optimized for Intel's compiler technology and build high-performance applications on Windows-based systems using Intel Pentium, Intel Xeon and Intel Itanium processor families.

Comment: For decades, Visual Numerics IMSL Fortran Libraries have provided analysis routines to Fortran developers in high-performance computing through partnerships with compiler vendors such as Microsoft, Digital Equipment, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Absoft and Uthey. With the growing importance of business analytics and the need to develop more robust numerical analysis applications, the availability of Visual Numerics IMSL Fortran

Libraries for Intel Fortran compilers is significant news for Fortran developers who will he able to take advantage of this solution to deliver computing applications for a range of numerical analysis-intense industries including finance, life sciences, research, aerospace, and manufacturing.
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Date:Aug 1, 2003
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