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IMI Announces the Electronic Industry's First Frequency Programmable Spread Spectrum Clock Generator 'SSCG'; IMI's New SSCG Capable of Reducing EMI By as Much As 20dB.

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 28, 1999--

International Microcircuits Inc. (IMI), a leading supplier of low electromagnetic interference clock circuits for the computer and electronic products industry, today announced the electronic industry's first frequency programmable spread spectrum clock generator (SSCG) family, for reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electronic systems.

IMI's SG521/2/4/8/9 family of clock generator circuits can reduce systemwide EMI from 8dB to 20dB. In order to achieve EMI reduction, the output clock is frequently modulated with a low frequency carrier. This distributes the peak energy of the clock over the side bands and allows electronic systems to pass increasingly difficult EMI limits and requirements. Using a single crystal oscillator input of 14,44 or 48MHz, IMI's SG52X family provides digitally programmable frequencies from 10MHz to 120MHz. Since IMI's new spread spectrum clock circuits allow digital programming of the frequencies, companies can inventory a single spread spectrum clock generator for multiple products and thus get quantity pricing and reduced inventory carrying costs.

Increased regulatory requirements for electromagnetically "quieter" products and the demand for higher system clock frequency are driving the need for systemwide solutions to EMI problems. Traditional approaches have included an ad hoc array of fixes using shielding and selective filtering of specific circuits. The IMI SG52X family provides a straightforward, simple and elegant solution to the problem of EMI, thus reducing product and design cost while allowing products to get to market sooner.

"By simply replacing a single standard clock chip with the IMI SG52X," stated Cavit Ozdalga, IMI's director of marketing, "a system can often go from non-compliant to passing increasingly difficult FCC, EU and other regulatory standards, while saving the cost of special shielding or filtering. What's unique about the IMI SG52X clock circuit is that it is digitally programmable, allowing one part to be used in a variety of products without having to carry the extra inventory of multiple clocks. In addition, the product accepts a 14.318MHz reference crystal, which is the least costly and most accurate crystal currently available, in order to synthesize other higher output clock frequencies. In a system using IMI's SSCGs, EMI is reduced in all clocks, timing signals and address buses. As a direct consequence, one can drastically reduce EMI even as system complexity increases."

IMI's SG52X versatile and easy-to-use products are designed for general-purpose applications that require spread spectrum clock generators to reduce EMI. Examples of products which would benefit from IMI's SSCGs include CPU and uC-based digital systems, laser printers, digital copiers, multi-function products, CD-ROMs, disk drives and automotive applications.

The IMI SG52X family operates from a 3 to 5V power supply and produces a spread spectrum clock (SSC) of 10 to 120MHz with a 1.25% and 3.75% down spread. It is available immediately from stock in a 16-pin plastic SOIC package at a price of $2.90 in quantities of 1000.

International Microcircuits Inc. (IMI), is a leading supplier of frequency and timing generators and EMI reduction circuits using innovative mixed-signal design technology for a broad range of applications. As one of the world's top clock suppliers to industry leaders and an ISO 9001 certified company, IMI takes pride in the high-quality products and exceptional customer service it delivers. For more information, contact IMI at the company's headquarters at 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas, CA 95035. Phone: 408/263-6300; fax: 408/263-6571; Web site:
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Date:Jun 28, 1999
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