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Deploying a Novarra Wireless Web Server, Imagistics International, Inc. (NYSE:IGI), has joined the growing list of companies using PCS Clear Wireless Workplace solutions from Sprint (NYSE:FON)(NYSE:PCS) in combination with Handspring's (NASDAQ:HAND) Treo products to provide a competitive advantage.

Imagistics International, a nationwide distributor of office equipment and imaging solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and other governmental and business customers, has equipped its core field service technicians with the PCS Vision Smart Device by Handspring Treo 300, allowing them to make crystal clear voice calls and wirelessly access their ERP service solution for managing service calls.

"Our primary goal is to enhance the response time to customers by making our field service organization more accessible," said John C. Chillock, vice president customer service operations, Imagistics International. "The coverage of the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network combined with the PCS Vision Smart Device by Handspring Treo 300 and Novarra (EWD) products, will give our reps access to real-time data from our ERP system before arriving at a service call, allowing them to have background on the issue before they come face to face with the customer. While on site with the customer, they will be able to access a knowledge management system. This will enable them to complete repairs quicker than before."

"With a robust suite of wireless voice and data offerings, Sprint makes it simple and affordable for business customers such as Imagistics International to supply unparalleled customer service while increasing productivity and reducing costs to provide value for shareholders," said Maureen Link, vice president of business sales, northeast region, for the PCS Division of Sprint. "The combination of advanced voice services, high-speed, always-on data capabilities, nationwide coverage and innovative devices from the PCS Clear Wireless Workplace provides ideal solutions to meet the specialized needs of today's mobile sales and service professionals."

According to Ken Hyers, senior analyst for Instat/MDR, "Smart wireless devices today are beginning to have an impact on business that, in many ways, resembles laptop computing in the mid-90s. Their ability to extend mobile workers' productivity will continue to grow. Within the next 24 months, In-Stat/MDR believes that smart wireless devices will begin to replace laptops and PDAs for all but the most data-intensive applications used by road-warriors."

"The PCS Phone by Handspring Treo 300 in conjunction with PCS Vision Services from Sprint and the Novarra EWD suite offers an unbeatable range of mobile services for the busy sales or service professional on the road. It's no longer necessary to carry multiple devices to send and receive email, access the Internet, download information or make phone calls," said Kendall Fargo, vice president of enterprise and consumer sales for Handspring, Inc. "The Treo 300 is a powerful, compact productivity tool that combines the necessary set of applications for Imagistics field service technicians."

"Novarra's product is valuable because it enables enterprises to securely extend any application to wireless devices automatically. In addition, Novarra's speed and user experience combined with the PCS Vision Network services and PCS Handspring Treo 300, really delivers on the promise of a wireless enterprise today," said Kevin Tabor, senior director of sales for Novarra. "Novarra products allow quick and easy deployment of wireless, which is especially powerful and increasingly becoming a priority for customers."

The customized solution deployed by Imagistics International incorporates four components -- device, network capabilities, applications and a systems integrator -- often requiring involvement from four different parties. Leveraging the expertise of t he PCS Business Solutions Program (BSP), Sprint was able to meet Imagistics' needs in an efficient manner, providing them with the support they need. PCS Business Solutions Program member, Whalley Computer, a full-service systems integrator based in Southwick and Milford Mass., provided the Treo 300 devices for Imagistics, loaded with a Novarra client via an SD card.

The PCS Business Solutions Program was designed to provide significantly more opportunities and flexibility for Sprint business customers to acquire and deploy core wireless data solutions including wireless email and connection cards, as well as more complex offerings that typically satisfy the needs of vertical markets. Members of the indirect channel program include leading system integrators, independent software vendors, original equipment manufacturers, distributors and value-added resellers in the IT industry.

About Imagistics International

Imagistics International Inc. is a large direct sales, service and marketing organization offering document imaging solutions, including high performance copiers, multifunctional products and facsimile machines. Our direct sales and service network is located throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Imagistics International is a member of the S&P SmallCap 600 Index and is headquartered in Trumbull, CT. For additional information about Imagistics International, visit and

About Sprint

Sprint is a global integrated communications provider serving more than 26 million customers in over 100 countries. With approximately 70,000 employees worldwide and nearly $27 billion in annual revenues, Sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying state-of-the-art network technologies, including the United States' first nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network and a Tier 1 Internet backbone. Sprint provides local voice and data services in 18 states and operates the largest 100-percent digital, nationwide PCS wireless network in the United States. For more information, visit

About Handspring

Handspring is a personal communications and handheld computing. The company develops, manufactures and markets the Treo wireless communicators and Treo 90 organizer, the Visor expandable handheld computers, and client and server software for fast Web access from handheld devices and mobile phones. Handspring sells its products and accessories at and through select Internet, retail and carrier partners in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Middle East.

About Novarra

Novarra Inc. automatically delivers the full benefit of desktop, Web-based applications, seamlessly across wireless data networks and popular handheld devices, including Palm, WAP Phones, BlackBerry, J2ME, PocketPC, Symbol, Handspring, Sony, etc. The Novarra products are cost effective, easy to deploy, maintain and scale with end-to-end security. Novarra enables mobile workers and consumers to benefit from wireless Internet & intranet access, with a low-risk, high-return approach. It also meets the needs of an emerging technology market that requires flexibility and adaptability to changing content standards. More information about Novarra, which is based in Arlington Heights, Ill., is available at

Sprint PCS can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 913/794-2947.
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