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IIRM International Institute for Race Medicine.

Dear AMAA Members,

The last few months have brought several changes to the American Medical Athletic Association--some have been disappointing such as the loss of Boston Marathon charity entries, but many have brought great promise for the future with opportunity for growth. As the executive director of the International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM), I am delighted to welcome all current AMAA members as IIRM individual members; together we will expand our learning experiences and work to promote running medicine.

Since its inception in 2004, originally as the American Road Race Medical Society (ARRMS), the IIRM has had a similar focus and mission as AMAA with one of its goals including the provision of quality education to those interested in the field of endurance medicine. As we combine the AMAA and IIRM memberships, we will continue to pursue this goal and strive to provide more educational opportunities for those interested in this niche of sports medicine.

Over the years, we have found that the road race industry lacks a central source for its medical guidelines or standards of care. When it comes to providing medical care to millions of runners, proven medical protocols and coordination are in high demand. It is the goal of the IIRM to become that source of information. We do not want to dictate the types and levels of care provided at endurance events, we just want to be a reputable resource for medically-proven options and a forum for informed discussion. This will allow for additional growth in our area of expertise.

As you review our website (, you will see that we have built the educational section on a comprehensive distance learning platform; additional video presentations, medical protocols, and other website programs will be added over time. You will also notice that we have taken impressive steps to widen our reach within the international medical community, including awarding grants for complimentary one-year IIRM memberships to qualifying events worldwide.

The IIRM Executive Board is working hard to ensure a smooth transition as we begin to take responsibility of the AMAA membership and your needs over the next few months. We hope to earn your trust and support with our commitment to provide you expanded member benefits and continuing education opportunities.

We will also make sure that our efforts and interactions with all members are supportive and collaborative. To help with this transition and to give you some continuity, we will be adding AMAA President Cathy Fieseler, MD, to the IIRM Executive Board and AMAA Programs Director and Membership Coordinator Barbara Baldwin, MPH, will become the IIRM Executive Assistant and Membership Director. Both of these outstanding professionals will not only add to the IIRM mission and brand, they will also ensure that AMAA members have a voice--a voice that we hope you will use in the coming months to provide input. We also welcome you to take part in any activities or groups created to facilitate our mission.

In closing, I also want to say a few words about AMAA Executive Director Dave Watt whom I have known and worked with since he took the position in 2002. With his support, the AMAA allowed our organization (then ARRMS) to grow and flourish under the AMAA banner. That support is something I will never forget. I told Dave that IIRM will continue supporting his mission; I cannot think of a better way to honor Dave's efforts and achievements.

I hope you will take the time to review the outline on page 6 of this journal showing IIRM developments and future plans, as well as our website ( Comments or suggestions can be sent to Barbara Baldwin at Growth of the organization depends on collaboration between the IIRM board and members and mutual support of all those involved.

We look forward to an exciting and productive future!


Chris Troyanos, ATC

Medical Coordinator, Boston Marathon

Executive Director, IIRM

Recent IIRM Developments

* On January 1, we hired Barbara Baldwin, MPH, as the part-time executive assistant and membership director. This will move to hill-time as of July 1.

* We developed partnerships with road race organizations such as AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races), Running USA, and the Road Runners Club of America.

* The Matthew Good Foundation provided a grant to allow 100 endurance events to join the IIRM for one year.

* We added a comprehensive medical manual to the IIRM website.

* A post-race reporting tool was added to the site. Information collected with this tool will support future research within our industry.

Coming Soon

* We are working with the Marine Corps Marathon and MedStar Sports Medicine to hold a comprehensive medical symposium in October 2017 and 2018 (this is a continuation of the AMAA symposium held in conjunction with the marathon).

* The AMAA Journal will become an IIRM publication and will be shared electronically with all members.

* Five to 10 educational videos will be added to the IIRM video library on the website (password-protected) by the end of 2017.

* We will add a blog to the website to help promote dialog within our industry as we examine some of the challenges we face.

What our Future Holds

* The IIRM plans to host four medical seminars per year. We believe that such a "traveling road show" not only helps us promote the IIRM brand, but also ensures our mission is moving forward. For each seminar, we plan to develop a strong partnership with the local marathon to ensure all volunteers and public safety support systems have access to state-of-the-art knowledge for road race medicine. Plans to hold seminars in Europe and Asia will be added over time as we strive to also meet goals for our international mission.

* We will continue to develop a strong continuing education program through our online medical content and live medical seminars, with a future goal to offer online continuing education opportunities. We believe this will greatly enhance the IIRM member experience as a valuable added benefit

Dear AMAA Members,

On behalf of the International Institute for Race Medicine's Board of Directors, I am excited to welcome you as new individual members of the organization. Through the hard work of the current AMAA leadership, IIRM Executive Director Chris Troyanos, and the IIRM Board of Directors, we have forged a path forward bringing the best parts of both organizations together to form a stronger, larger organization that will serve our membership and endurance sports for many years to come. As Chris has laid out in his letter to you in this issue, there are many exciting projects in the works. I invite you to become active members of IIRM. We always welcome our members' feedback and suggestions--your input is vital to help guide the organization in the best direction.

As the chairman of your board, I would enjoy hearing from you. Send me your comments, suggestions or just a note to say hello. I can be reached at

Welcome to the IIRM!

Warmest regards,

Stuart Weiss, MD, FACEP, FAAP

Chairman, IIRM Board of Directors
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Author:Troyanos, Chris; Weiss, Stuart
Publication:AMAA Journal
Date:Mar 22, 2017
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