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II Chemistry Conference of West Bahia.

The II Chemistry Conference of West Bahia, also well-known as II JornaQui [1], it has become a traditional regional event in the state of Bahia. It was conceived with a proposal on behalf of the Nucleo de Ensino, Pesquisa e Extensao de Quimica (NEPEQ) of the Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia (UFOB) in order to improve the quality of the researches in chemistry of the west Bahia. This special issue brings a bit of works presented as poster along the II JornaQui, although henceforth, they were selected as full manuscripts for editorial evaluation. As can be seen, this special issue presents researches on theoretical chemistry with application of computational calculations for intermolecular systems, biological evaluations of nature compounds, determination of physical chemistry parameters of water used for agriculture, studies of inorganic compounds on rice husk produced in west region, as well as a full and brief overview of the pesticides used in this regard.

Boaz Galdino de Oliveira (UFOB)


[1] Conference website:

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Title Annotation:Editorial
Author:de Oliveira, Boaz Galdino
Publication:Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Jun 1, 2017
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