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IHS Introduces the IHS Engineering Resource Center.

IHS (Information Handling Services) Engineering Products, a division of the IHS Group, has introduced the IHS Engineering Resource Center (ERC), a Web site that, according to the company, gives users access to the world's largest collection of commercial standards, government specifications and standards, industrial catalogs, and parts information. Engineers, procurement personnel, and government users can now obtain virtually all the technical information they need via the World Wide Web, providing a fast and cost-effective alternative to books, microfiche, or CD-ROM. The ERC is designed to provide engineers with a single source to perform research and locate important technical data.

IHS is incorporating many of its existing technical engineering databases into the ERC, creating a common look and feel across products. The information is indexed and cross-referenced for easy access to text and images. Users may choose from the breadth of product offerings depending on their industry and functional needs.

"There is a great deal of technical information available via the Web, but it is from a variety of sources and therefore difficult to find and compare," said Patrick Romich, president of IHS Engineering Products. "The IHS Engineering Resource Center puts all this information and more in one centralized location, and we have powerful search engines that make the information and images easily accessible. We also take care of the challenge of updating the information, so users always know they are using current data."

The ERC includes the following IHS Engineering databases:

* Commercial Standards and Military Specs--Includes bibliographic data for close to 598,000 current industrial standards, as well as historical and current military specifications from over 440 commercial and U.S. government standards developing organizations. It also includes over 240,000 document images of specifications and standards from API, IEEE, Ford, GM, ITU, UL, the DoD, and over 40 other organizations.

* Vendor Catalog Service--Contains over 2 million complete catalog pages of industrial products from over 15,000 manufacturers and distributors.

* CAPSXpert Semiconductor Database--Contains parametric information on over 1.8 million semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, and it includes links to more than 1 million data pages.

* Product Selection Service--Contains over 1 million manufacturer-provided catalog pages, product and component data sheets, drawings, schematics, and specification sheets arranged for easy side-by-side product comparisons.

* HAYSTACK--Provides parts and logistics data on millions of government-purchased/stocked items. The following databases are included in HAYSTACK: FLIS, CAGE, AMDF, SB700-20, CRF, MIAPL, LIRSH, MRIL, P2300/10/30, D043/D043X, AEL, APL, P2002, NICN, and more.

* HR/H8--Includes the complete H4/H8 Commercial Activity/Government Entity (CAGE) database, which provides listings of firms that manufacture or distribute items procured by the U.S. government.

Future databases include GSA Supply Schedules and Contractor Catalogs and Price Lists; parametric data and full datasheets for PCB connectors, passives, and multipin cylindrical connectors; and full-text searchable collections of selected military and commercial specifications and standards. IHS also has plans to provide intranet, frame relay, and digital lease line access to selected ERC databases.

The ERC databases, available on an annual subscription basis, are searchable using standard World Wide Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Web availability allows for multiplatform access using either a PC, Macintosh, or UNIX workstation, and it enhances the ease of product networking throughout an organization.

Source: IHS Engineering Products, Englewood, CO, 800/716-3447; Fax: 800/716-6447;
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Date:Jun 1, 1997
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