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IGOROTA Foundation Inc.: the IGOROTA Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization established in recognition of the right and responsibility of women to fully develop their God-given potentials.

Program Components

We take inspiration from three core forces in our organization which we embody and share in all our programs and activities.

1. A continually evolving Spirituality/ies affirmed and nurtured by life-giving values which enable us to sustain the life-forces within us, our families and our communities. This life force renders us sensitive and responsive to gender related issues so that...

2. From our awareness of GENDER and DEVELOPMENT springs an ardent commitment to work to transform gender-based relationships and structures in society. Thus, both women and men, equally recognized for their worth and dignity, become able partners at home and at work, to pursue and enjoy the benefits of transformed gender-based relationships and development. Further...

3. To ensure that our region remain worthy as our children's legacy, we pursue efforts in response to WOMEN and CORDILLERA issues.

Program Strategies

1. NETWORKING -- IFI networks with municipal and provincial women's organizations and government and non-government organizations to facilitate the coming together of women's organizations to pursue an advocacy agenda on people's issues, Cordillera development and the enhancement of women's leadership potentials.

2. LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER -- IFI-LRC houses reference materials and serves as a venue for roundtable discussions on gender, women and Cordillera issues. The LRC also undertakes research and information generation. It publishes the IGOROTA magazine and other publications that serve as for a for the expression and exchange of ideas and experiences on women and Cordillera issues.

3. SOCIO-ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES -- IFI provides opportunities for women which aim to increase their effectivity in addressing social and economic concerns such as those related to development education and income generation.

4. TRAINING AND ADVOCACY ACTIVITIES -- IFI's foremost concern today as GAD educators and advocates is to raise people's awareness on gender issues so that they transform and emancipate themselves from gender-based images. IFI envisions that every man and woman should live full human lives freed from the effects of gender inequities. IFI aims to achieve this vision through training and education activities to both men and women's groups.

RELATED ARTICLE: IGOROTA is published quarterly by Igorota Foundation, Inc. The magazine aims to:

* Contribute to reader's education, particularly on local, national and global women's issues;

* Provide a forum for diverse ideas of and about women coming from the different strata of society;

* Inform about significant events and appraise current social issues affecting the cordillera Region; and

* Provide a lot more materials of general interest, on subject areas such as technology, culture and spirituality
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