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IFC and Green Day Join Together to Create Unprecedented Partnership; Marriage to Provide a Strong, Uncut Voice for Rock Anthem 'Jesus of Suburbia'.

NEW YORK -- "To live and not to breathe is to die in tragedy," - Green Day, "Jesus of Suburbia," American Idiot

The Independent Film Channel (IFC), the first and largest network dedicated to independent films, announced today an unprecedented partnership with multi-platinum selling and 2005 Grammy-winning band Green Day and its music label Reprise Records. Highlighted in the deal is IFC's commitment to merge Green Day's rock anthem "Jesus of Suburbia," into the network's very DNA for an entire year by incorporating the song into IFC's on- and off-air promotions and programming through 2005. "Jesus of Suburbia" is featured on Green Day's "American Idiot" album, which recently garnered the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.

Like The Who's rock opera Tommy or concept albums by the Beatles and Pink Floyd, which spoke to previous generations, Green Day's critically acclaimed American Idiot is a modern audio-documentary that addresses the concerns of a new disenfranchised generation during a time of great social and cultural change. The 9-minute, 8-second anthem, "Jesus of Suburbia," helps introduce the setting and character of the seminal Green Day album. Using its unique media environment, which is unburdened by the need to please advertisers and principled in providing uncut, uncensored content, IFC will provide Green Day with a unique platform that will ensure the song is heard, shared, critiqued, and told in its entirety, ensuring that the song's message is not torn apart and hacked into commercial radio-friendly segments.

"Through independent films and our original programs, IFC's mission is to serve as a safe-haven for free, independent thought," stated Evan Shapiro, GM and EVP of IFC. "We wanted to work with Green Day, because they are the musical personification of that mission - in the era of radio media monopolies, who else writes a nine-minute, five-stanza song cycle? 'Jesus of Suburbia' is the ultimate articulation of our national zeitgeist - it speaks perfectly to the anxiety, emotions and passions of our audience. Everyone needs a soundtrack for his/her life, and 'Jesus of Suburbia' is now THE soundtrack of IFC - our audio calling card and the voice of our vision. In return, we hope to ensure that all of 'Jesus' will be heard the way it was meant to be - without censorship or filters."

"We are extremely excited by IFC's enthusiasm for 'Jesus of Suburbia' and it's unique ability to showcase the song like no other network can, over the course of an entire year," said Lori Feldman, Senior Vice President, Television Marketing, Warner Brothers Records. "We are looking forward to working closely with IFC to create unique programming and online opportunities for the song, the band and the extraordinary American Idiot album."

While the relationship will evolve and develop throughout 2005-2006, with various opportunities to showcase the song, it is important to underscore that IFC is a non-commercial network and the partnership will not include music video airplay or any type of commercial involvement. The partnership's focus is to marry the messages of Green Day, IFC, music and film together. This will include incorporating the music into network promos, network Ids, and new network branding pieces that run on IFC, as well as using the music in show opens and credit rolls for IFC original programming. Further, IFC and Green Day will use the music to speak directly to the audience as part of the network's outreach and interactive programming. This may include creating a film festival of original films created by IFC's audience that are inspired by the song, using the song as a leaping off point for interactive chats with the audience, and creating web-specific programming.

Check out the IFC short, Jesus of Suburbia at Artwork is also available at (non employee login, user: wbrpub, pass: photo).

About IFC

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) is the first and most widely distributed network dedicated to independent film 24 hours a day, uncut and commercial free.

The Independent Film Channel is a part of IFC Companies, which has established itself as the future of independent film. With the television network, as well as a film distribution and production unit and a VOD service, IFC Companies has created over the course of the past decade a revolutionary end-to-end business model and brand that focuses on developing and nurturing talent and maximizing the value of independent film. IFC Companies uses its unique cross-platform position to broaden the audience of independent film and to provide independent filmmakers with a strong voice. IFC Companies is a division of Rainbow Media Holdings, LLC.
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Date:Mar 7, 2005
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