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IES Illumination Award of Merit.


As an ode to the National Guard's complex mission, the organization's Minutemen symbol was incorporated into the interior and exterior design of the new National Guard Bureau Readiness Center in Arlington, VA. An interior triangular staircase, which can be seen in full from outside of the building, evokes the traditional tricorn hat worn by Minutemen soldiers, and is indirectly illuminated by discreet LED uplights. A triangular architectural element atop the building "creates a sculptural end to the building," says David Ghatan, president of CM Kling + Associates, the lighting design firm that worked on the project alongside architects from AECOM.


Elsewhere, the building is illuminated by a combination of daylight and indirect/low-profile fixtures with low-wattage bulbs. Downlights, cove lights, spotlights and linear lights are controlled via multi-zone dimming to meet building code requirements and further assist with energy conservation.


1 Tricorn imagery marks the outside of the building, where a triangular sculpture hovers above the staircase, highlighted by the staircase's uplights as well as asymmetrical LED floodlights that are mounted to the roof.

2 Landscape lighting was carefully designed to eliminate light trespass and highlight the building's triangular staircase and hovering sculpture.

3 Small LEDs are mounted on every other tread to wash the ceiling of the stair and provide egress lighting.

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