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IES Director Message.

In celebration of the end of his first year as Director of the Department's Institute of Education Sciences (IES), Mark Schneider reported on "some of the things we have been working on over the last year." Specifically, he emphasized how "we are focusing on the mission of IES as an applied research agency. Certainly, IES has invested--and will continue to invest--in basic research, but that is not our core function. Rather, as a science agency...our work focuses on improving the outcomes of learners throughout the life cycle. This means an emphasis on translating research for widespread use to improve outcomes."

To realize this principle, IES has undertaken several concrete steps. For example, it has imposed a new 15-page limit for its reports, meaning "our reports are going to have to be better thought out and more concisely written." IES is also "thinking about how different and more modern data analytic and data visualization tools could help in the exploration of our data."

Furthermore, IES is fully rethinking the What Works Clearinghouse web site and its Practice Guides, moving from what works to what happens to change practice and transform behavior and outcomes.

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Publication:ED Review
Date:May 3, 2019
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