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IEEE Publishes New Edition of Book on Low-Rate, Wireless Personal Area Networks.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- The IEEE updated its standard on low-rate, wireless personal area networks (WPAN), IEEE 802.15.4[TM], in 2006. This has led it to publish a second edition of the book , "Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks: Enabling Wireless Sensors with IEEE 802.15.4", which was written to complement the standard and to help those implementing the standard for sensors and actuators.

The new edition, authored by Jose Gutierrez, Edgar Callaway and Raymond Barrett, expands the book to include changes made in the revised standard and the new opportunities it presents. The changes made include two additional physical layers that allow higher data rates at lower frequency bands (at 868 and 915 MHz), an updated security mechanism, and alterations to the MAC sub-layer.

IEEE 802.15.4 addresses applications for sensors and actuators in industrial, agricultural, vehicular, residential, medical and other fields that need relaxed throughput and latency requirements and low-cost, low-power designs. The updated book reviews the standard, the applications that motivate it, and the rationale for design options made in its creation.

The book is a companion to the standard for those interested in "simple" wireless connectivity who want to understand the inner workings of IEEE 802.15.4. It has three parts:

* Part I looks at low-rate WPAN technology, why the standard was created, and likely application scenarios. This section is a technical introduction to the standard and provides marketing, business, and other professionals with background on the technology and the vision behind it.

* Part II concentrates on the technical elements of the standard. It also goes beyond the standard by including material on network layer functionality for possible applications and gives the rationale behind several components of the standard.

* Part III focuses on implementation and system design, including an analysis of system-level, real-world issues.

"Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks: Enabling Wireless Sensors with IEEE 802.15.4", can be ordered by e-mailing or by going to It also can be ordered by calling 800-678-4333 in the U.S. and Canada or +1 732 981 0060 from elsewhere.

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Date:Jan 16, 2007
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