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 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- At the November Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) meeting, the 802.11 wireless LAN committee voted to base the forthcoming standard Media Access Control (MAC) protocol on a proposal submitted by Xircom, Inc. (NASDAQ: XIRC); NCR Corp.; and Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL). This standard is designed to ensure interoperability of wireless LANs from different manufacturers and to be used with a variety of physical layers, such as direct sequence or frequency hopping, spread spectrum radios and infrared.
 "With the backing of 75 percent of the 802.11 voting membership, we believe this proposal is a major step forward in creating a worldwide standard for high-speed, wireless in-building communications," said David Bagby, chairman, IEEE 802.11 MAC Group. "But, perhaps the greatest accomplishment was that this proposal reflects a collaboration among competitors that has gained the support of a significant number of companies active in the development of wireless LANs."
 National Semiconductor, Inc. helped to push the vote over the 75 percent threshold when it agreed to merge certain aspects of its own contribution relating to time-bounded services into this proposal.
 Other companies supporting the proposal included Advanced Micro Devices, AT&T, Global Business Communication Systems, ICL Retail Systems, NEC Corp., Norand Corp., Telxon Corp. and Toshiba America Information Systems.
 The next step in the IEEE standards process is to further refine technical aspects of this foundation MAC protocol and to embody the technical description in a formal, approved standard.
 Two types of wireless LANs are intended to be supported by the equipment which implements this protocol: peer-to-peer, ad hoc and infrastructure LANs which are interconnected via an access point with an existing wired network. Use of this protocol allows the mobile user to roam freely throughout a facility or campus while maintaining continuous, seamless connection to network resources. It also provides for power conservation, which allows small, mobile computing devices to communicate for long periods of time on a single battery charge.
 The foundation access method is based on Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA). A superframe architecture supports both asynchronous delivery data service, equivalent to the service provided by Ethernet, and time-bounded services, such as that required by a wireless PBX.
 The protocol was jointly authored and submitted for consideration by Wim Diepstraten, NCR Corp.; Greg Ennis, Symbol Technologies, Inc.; and Phil Belanger, Xircom, Inc.
 NCR(R), AT&T's computer company based in Dayton, Ohio, brings computing and communications solutions together to provide people access to information and to each other -- any time, anywhere. NCR entered the wireless LAN market in 1990 and is shipping high performance wireless LAN connectivity and infrastructure products worldwide. For product information, call the NCR hotline at 800-334-5454.
 Symbol Technologies, Inc., based in Bohemia, N.Y., is the world leader in bar code-driven data transaction systems with more than 2 million scanners and terminals installed. The company designs, manufactures and markets bar code laser scanners, portable computer and radio frequency data communications networks that are used as strategic building blocks in technology systems for retail, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, package and parcel delivery and other industries. Customer information is available from Symbol Technologies at 800-SCAN-234.
 Founded in 1988, Xircom, Inc. is the leader in the development and manufacture of mobile connectivity solutions for the personal computer market. The Calabasas, Calif.-based company pioneered the use of the universal PC parallel port to connect PCs to a LAN and has sold more than 600,000 external LAN adapters to date. Telephone is 800-874-7875.
 -0- 11/15/93
 /CONTACT: Mark Feighery, 513-445-5236, or Lea Schwartz, 303-226-9550, both of NCR Corp.; Nancy Tully of Symbol Technologies, 516-244-4191; or Lynne Rocha of Xircom, 415-274-8100/

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