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IDWP approves 45 development schemes for uplift of rural areas, provision of health facilities.

ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Development Working Party (IDWP) has approved in principal 45 development schemes relating to uplift of rural areas of Capital, provision of health facilities, police and agriculture extension services in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

The approval of these schemes is subject to clearance and vetting by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms. The recently held meeting, chaired by Chief Commissioner, Islamabad, Zulfiqar Haider Khan also decided to rationalize cost of these schemes.

According to a Spokesman of ICT, the development schemes included repair/renovation of 36 family quarters Sector H-11, Islamabad, at estimated cost Rs 51.881 million.

Construction of Basic Health Unit with staff accommodation at Kuri in Islamabdad at an estimated cost Rs 56.528 million.

Construction of Basic Health Unit with staff accommodation at Khanna Dak, with an estimated cost Rs 56.528 million. Street pavements in villages Union Councils Sihala and Rewat (Revised) at an estimated cost Rs 59.996 million.

Rehabilitation of rural roads in IRD Markaz, Sihala and Rewat (Revised) Rs 59.995 million. Construction of boundary wall for security of Sabzi Mandi, I-11/4, Islamabad at an estimated cost of Rs 37.747 million.

Construction of road at main Bhara Kau, Dhoke Mohri road at estimated cost Rs 58.000 million.

Development schemes included street pavements at Noor Pur Shahan and adjoining Dhokes estimated cost Rs 56.000 million.

Feasibility study for the implementation of project, Rural Area Uplift, in Islamabad (PC-II) estimated cost Rs 59.554 million.

Street pavements at Dhok Ratta, Rawat, estimated cost Rs 4.116 million, street pavement at Khayam Town/ Rehan Town, Dhok Suleman and Dhrekh Mohri, estimated cost Rs. 48.241 million. Rehabilitation/up-gradation of Bani Gala Road, estimated cost Rs. 59.909 million.

Construction of road along with Nullah at Khanna East road union council Tarlai, estimated cost Rs 52.732 million.

Rehabilitation of streets at Madina Town, Tarlai, estimated cost Rs 55.344 million. street pavement at Khanna East, Tarlai, estimated cost Rs. 53.557 million.

Street pavement and Sewer Line at New Shaheen Town, Tarlai Khurd, estimated cost Rs 18.065 million. Street pavement in village Sorian, Abdullah Garden Phase-1, Islamabad, estimated cost Rs 27.155 million.

Rehabilitation of three roads falls in union council Rawat, estimated cost Rs 51.671 million. Rehabilitation/up-gradation of roads/streets at Spring Valley, union council, Phulgran, estimated cost Rs. 33.096 million. Provision of 09 Additional Courts with allied/ missing facilities for the District and Sessions Courts, improvement of Bakhshi Khana, ICT, estimated cost Rs. 28.294 million.

Establishment of veterinary hospitals and center in ICT with estimated cost of Rs 58.788 million and rehabilitation and strengthening of existing veterinary health care services in ICT, estimated cost Rs 46.984 million.

Rehabilitation/up-gradation of Jagiot road Kurri, estimated cost

Rs 59.449 million, subject to clarification of civil work and rationalization of cost, construction of farm road Tumair, revised, Rs. 20.171 million, rehabilitation of road at Soudhran to dhok Raja Aslam, Rs 50.730 million and construction of protection/retaining walls in villages Sohan, Azhar town, Chata Bakhtawar and Khana east union council Tarlai and Sohan, estimated cost Rs 59.075 million.

Schemes include rehabilitation of 3.75 KM rural roads in union council Rawat, cost Rs. 43.056 million, rehabilitation of rural roads in Koral, cost Rs 55.768 million, street pavements in village Bhangrial dhok Awan camp Humak, Rajwal in Rawat, cost Rs 55.141 million, street pavements in Sihala villages, cost Rs 56.061 million, rehabilitation of link darwala Bhimber Trar road, cost Rs 59.331 million and sustainable livelihood and food security through adoption of agriculture technologies in ICT.

Street pavement at Dhok Jabran, Patala, Alipur, Chapran, cost Rs 57.408 million, rehabilitation,up-gradation of road, street pavement at village Talhar and adjoining villages, estimated cost Rs 59.200 million,up-gradation of water supply scheme in Bhara Kau and Phulgran, cost Rs.57.253 million, rehabilitation, up-gradation of Gokina Kalan road, cost Rs. 56.201 million, road, street pavement in village Malwar and adjoining Dhoks, estimated cost Rs. 49.276 million, construction of road, street pavement in Gokina, Shah Allah Ditta, cost Rs59.213 million, installation of hand pumps, motorized pumps in Shah Allah Ditta, Kuri, cost Rs. 59.823 million, widening, improvement of main Chira and Path road, estimated cost Rs. 59.739 million, widening, improvement of road from Darwala chowk to kirpa Japan road, cost Rs. 58.109 million and rehabilitation of roads, street pavement in 11 dhoks of village Kirpa, estimated cost Rs. 51.830.

IDWP also approved 24 development sechemes for NA-48, NA-49, Islamabad under the Pak MDG community development schemes.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Apr 13, 2015
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