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IDT ships its PAX.ware 2500 classification eval system.

IDT, a communications IC company and provider of network search engines and classification processors, has announced that it is now shipping the PAX.ware 2500 classification evaluation system for the PAX.port 2500 classification and content inspection processor, through its wholly owned subsidiary, IDT Canada, Inc., formerly Solidum Systems. The PAX.ware 2500 allows next-generation system designers to evaluate full, wire-speed classification processing in network processing architectures featuring the PAX.port 2500 classification processor.

"The PAX.ware 2500 is designed to enable evaluation and testing of OC-48 classification and content inspection in content switches, content security devices, multi-service switches, edge routers and Enterprise networking equipment," said Joe Aragona, marketing manager for IDT's IP co-processor division. "The platform allows system designers to obtain a complete understanding of the capabilities of the PAX.port 2500 processor, thereby reducing their time to market with new equipment designs."

The PAX.port 2500 is an application specific standard product (ASSP) classification processor that can be used in a streaming architecture to achieve multi-Gigabit packet processing and classification. It performs Layer 2-4 classification and is optimized for full Layer-7 content inspection and regular expression matching at OC-48 line rates in web switches, load balancers, multi-service switches, IP services gateways, cable modem termination systems (CMTS), edge routers, protocol analyzers, and fixed broadband wireless access stations.

Classification processing on the PAX.port 2500 can be programmed using the software development kit (SDK) that provides complete programming and execution environments including examples and templates for current networking protocols and encapsulations. This comprehensive software kit makes it possible for equipment designers to prototype, test, and debug complex classification to fit specific applications and provides the ultimate programming flexibility for classification processing and is based on an open, fourth generation pattern description language.

The PAX.ware 2500 is the first in a series of evaluation systems that will be released based on the PAX.port 2500. Future systems will be designed to work seamlessly with leading network processors, including the new Intel IXP2400 and IXP2800 network processors.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Oct 21, 2002
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