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IDT ships highest-density, highest-perf. IP co-processor in a 256Kx72 configuration.

IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.) (Nasdaq:IDTI) has announced the shipment of the industry's highest-density, highest-performance full-ternary Internet Protocol (IP) co-processor. IDT's 256Kx72 device currently operates at 100 million searches per second (MSPS), with a performance upgrade of 250 MSPS available in Q1CY03. This device extends IDT's family of pin- and software-compatible IP co-processors, offering designers the unique capability to seamlessly upgrade from 2-Mbit (32Kx72) through 18-Mbit (256Kx72) densities.

IDT's 256Kx72 IP co-processor includes the advanced feature set present in the 32Kx72, 64Kx72 and 128Kx72 devices, including features such as dynamic database management that improves system performance and significantly lowers power consumption when compared to alternative solutions. In addition, the device includes a unique reissue feature that eliminates extraneous clock cycles during multiple database searches to allow up to 576-bit wide sustained searches at maximum device speed. At 100 MSPS, the device represents the highest-performance searching capability currently available on the market. The 250 MSPS performance improvement will be achieved through scalable, proprietary technology, and will enable higher-performance, lower-cost systems and additional services in core, metro and access routers.

In addition to offering the broadest portfolio of network search engine devices, IDT is committed to provide system-level solutions, including comprehensive software development tools to speed time to market, increase performance, and lower development costs. In conjunction with the silicon availability of the 256Kx72 IP co-processor, IDT will deliver its software development kit (SDK) that includes initialization, management and searching (IMS) software.

"IDT has built upon its strong foundation of advanced memory and high-performance logic expertise to deliver not only the highest-performance search engine device, but a family of standard devices, a family of devices that glue-lessly interface to leading network processors, and a broad suite of development tools including simulation models and software code," said Ben Chang, strategic marketing manager for IDT's IP co-processor division. "We offer our customers the ability to manufacture one box, one code set, one ASIC, and one PCB that accommodates any member of our IP co-processor family, enabling full reuse of customer hardware and software."

Based on the integration of content addressable memory (CAM) and high-performance logic, IDT's IP co-processors support network processor units (NPUs) and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) to accelerate deep packet classification and forwarding in core, metro and access routers. IDT is the leading vendor of switching and routing semiconductors (RHK, March 2002) and the market leader of network search engines (IDC, August 2002), offering the industry's broadest portfolio of IP co-processors, including its family for ASIC-based packet processors, and glue-less IP co-processors for industry-leading network processors from Intel, AMCC and others.

IDT recently announced that it will acquire Solidum Systems, a leading provider of classification and content inspection processing solutions. Solidum's classification processors are capable of filtering and parsing data up to Layer 7, a functionality that, when coupled with IDT's IP co-processors, allows for inspection of content in both the packet header and payload, resulting in more intelligent packet processing at wire speed.

IDT's 256Kx72 full-ternary IP co-processor is available now. Pricing for IDT's family of IP co-processors begins at $60 in 10,000-unit quantities.
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Title Annotation:Integrated Device Technology 256Kx72
Comment:IDT ships highest-density, highest-perf. IP co-processor in a 256Kx72 configuration.(Integrated Device Technology 256Kx72)
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Oct 7, 2002
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