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IDS Names Mining Executive to Lead Scintrex.

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Geophysical Business Poised for New Phase of Growth

IDS Intelligent Detection Systems Inc. (TSE:ISD.) announced today that its Scintrex subsidiary has appointed Roland Horst to the position of President and CEO.

In the past year, Scintrex has aggressively built upon its already strong position with a series of strategic acquisitions. Mr. Horst will manage Scintrex' integration of these acquisitions in order to consolidate the geophysical sector, more effectively market a comprehensive product line, leverage Scintrex' 70+ distributor network, and generate cost savings through economies of scale.

Mr. Horst's career spans both financial and operational leadership in the mining and exploration sectors as well as active field involvement in the industry. He has held senior positions in the finance side of the sector, most notably as Head of Mining, Corporate Finance Group, at Nesbitt Thomson, Co-Head of Mining, Corporate Finance Group, at Richardson Greenshields of Canada and as Senior Account Mining & Petroleum Manager at the Bank of Montreal. Operationally, he has served as President and CEO of several mining companies as well as Senior Exploration Geologist with Inco Ltd.

"We are confident that Roland's blend of experience in finance, mergers & acquisitions, and operational matters, as well as his depth of knowledge of the mining industry, will provide the vision and guidance needed to continue to grow our earth sciences business," commented Dr. Mariusz Rybak, President and CEO, IDS. "Scintrex is in the process of consolidating strategic acquisitions made in 1999 and 2000 in order to further enlarge our market presence and Roland's background in corporate finance will prove essential for this task," he remarked. "Additionally, his capital markets expertise should enable Scintrex to emerge as an independent, self-financing company," Rybak noted.

Mr. Rybak is relinquishing his position of CEO of Scintrex to enable Mr. Horst to implement his strategy for building the business.

Scintrex delivered revenues of $14.4 million in 1999, outperforming market indicators for the sector and demonstrating ongoing capacity for growth. The acquisitions Scintrex has made or agreed to make have realized revenue of $12.7 million in 1999.

The fusion of significant internal revenue and growth generation capabilities with the strong sales potential of the acquired companies will augment Scintrex' market presence," Rybak further commented, "and I am confident that Roland can manage the rationalization of Scintrex and steer the business unit in an increasingly profitable direction," he concluded.

"I am pleased to join the leading firm in the geophysical instrumentation industry, one with fifty years of experience and a global presence," said Mr. Horst. "The objectives of Scintrex: to consolidate the marketplace, to create critical mass through internal growth and rationalization of its acquisitions, and ultimately to spin out from IDS as a separate, publicly-traded entity, are exciting and opportune," he added. "The resurgence of the oil and gas sector, and that of the mining market, which is expected to follow, will add impetus to our plans," Horst stated.

Mr. Horst holds an MBA and an LLB from the University of Western Ontario, an MSc in Geology from Laurentian University and a BSc in Geology from McGill University.

About Scintrex

Scintrex Earth Science Instrumentation develops, manufactures and markets sophisticated geophysical instruments throughout the world. Capitalizing on its fifty-year history, Scintrex has established a reputation as a leading supplier of equipment for mineral exploration, oil and gas prospecting, groundwater studies, environmental site characterization and archaeology. Scintrex technologies include gravimeters, magnetometers, induced polarization, resistivity radiometrics and borehole logging as well as high-resolution cesium magnetic instruments.

Scintrex Survey & Exploration Technology conducts integrated and multi-disciplinary geophysical surveys and mapping throughout the world. It has recently completed surveys in Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, and the United States. The division has particular strengths in South America and has recently executed contracts in Paraguay and Chile. Through its affiliate, Megafisica, it is one of only two airborne geophysical survey companies licensed to operate in Brazil.

Scintrex has also acquired, or agreed to acquire, Micro-g Solutions, the world's leading manufacturer of absolute gravimeters, Val d'Or Sagax, a geophysical services company with extensive operations in Africa, Sial Geosciences, a geophysical services company with offices in Canada, Argentina, Ecuador and Tunisia, Edcon, a supplier of geophysical services to the petroleum sector, and Photo Gravity, a geophysical data acquisition company serving the oil and gas industry.

About IDS

IDS is an innovative developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary sensory technology and communication systems. The company operates through eight business units: Analytical & Security, IDS Power Control Systems, Scintrex Earth Science Instrumentation, Survey & Exploration Technology Services, IEC (Integration, Engineering and Consulting), ChemiCorp International and Caduceon Inc. Its more than 70 products range from drug and explosives detectors to nuclear safety control instruments, mineral and petroleum exploration instrumentation and services, and developing technologies for industrial process control and point-of-care health analysis. IDS's business-to-business eCommerce company, GeoCommerce Inc., provides centralized online trading and information exchanges for the global mining, exploration, and geophysics communities through: and IDS operates worldwide in Canada, the US, France, UK, Australia and Brazil, and is publicly traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: ISD).

IDS's website is located at
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Date:May 2, 2000
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