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IDCON's Condition Monitoring Standards.

IDCON's Condition Monitoring Standards

IDCON's Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS) are the building blocks of a documentation system used to set up and run a preventive maintenance, essential care and condition monitoring system in any industry. Each CMS has been carefully compiled by IDCON and master craftspeople, supervisors and operators from many plants.


The CMS documents have a consistent format using ample four-color pictures and illustrations to explain the function, condition monitoring as well as why and how each of these tasks should be executed. They are organized by component type such as AC motors, gear couplings, and heat exchangers.

Each CMS document is between three and seven pages long and contains brief inspection points, detailed instructions and suggested intervals for each on-the-run and shutdown inspection. The brief inspections texts are excellent as the basis for inspection routes and work order systems, while the more detailed instructions are ideal for reference and training material.

Because of their holistic approach, brevity, clarity and logical component-by-component organization, the CMS documents are a must have for each workshop, trainer, supervisor and preventive and predictive maintenance technician.

Condition Monitoring Standards, Volume 1

Item Number: 08IDCON1

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Condition Monitoring Standards, Volume 2

Item Number: 08IDCON2

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Condition Monitoring Standards, Volume 3

Item Number: 08IDCON3

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