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Digex, Incorporated (NASDAQ:DIGX), Laurel, Md., a leading provider of managed services, has introduced new SmartContinuity Services that leverage the new Digex Inter Data Center Network (IDCN). The IDCN, built using WorldCom's (NASDAQ:WCOM) high-speed network, is used by Digex to deliver innovative solutions for business continuity.

SmartContinuity Services address several layers of risk facing corporate IT departments running complex systems. Starting with fail-over systems for databases and firewalls, the services extend to architectures that use the IDCN to perform transaction load balancing and database synchronization at LAN speeds across geographies. Digex can also work with clients to use the Customer Furnished Equipment (CFE) and the Classics program for redeployed equipment to design cost-effective ways to employ the services.

Digex SmartContinuity offers additional disaster avoidance, data protection and recovery services that can be used alone or combined to address three levels of client needs:

* Mission-Critical Systems: Applications that, if unavailable, would have a critical impact to the bottom line of the business. A no- tolerance downtime approach is taken with these systems.

* Business-Critical Applications: Applications that, if unavailable, would have a serious, but limited-revenue impacting consequence to the business.

* Corporate Presence: Applications and/or static Web content that is required for brand preservation and reputation. Low revenue impacting consequences if unavailable.

Digex SmartContinuity consists of the following offerings:

* Rapid Recovery: For servers that cannot immediately be returned to service through Digex SmartBackup and automated restore procedures, Digex can simultaneously rebuild a secondary server while restoring a client's production site.

* Corporate Presence: Interim solution when a primary site is unavailable, Digex can host and redirect Internet traffic to an alternate site.

* Dynamic Fail-over: Continuous transaction processing through server failure, Digex manages an active, dynamic fail-over database that protects from hardware and application failure.

* Standby Site: Dedicated backup site waiting to process transactions in the event of a production failure, Digex manages a second, geographically dispersed site with an Oracle standby database.

* Active Standby Site: Dispersed configuration of production site for greater continuity, Digex will split a client's infrastructure between multiple facilities using the IDCN.

* Development / Recovery Site Bundle: For a flexible, multipurpose standby site, Digex can host a client's development site with the option to use as a disaster recovery site.

* Enterprise Fail-over: Recovery site for internally hosted infrastructure, Digex provides the opportunity to host a secondary site with a reduced configuration.

According to Forrester Research, "Disaster recovery and security technologies garner increases in budget dollars ... A hefty 44% of Global 3,500 firms plan to increase spending on disaster recovery -- by an average of 18%. Similarly, 29% of firms say that they're increasing spending on security by an average of 22%." (Source Forrester: "Benchmark November 2001 Data Overview," November 2001).

"With companies progressively incorporating the Internet as part of regular business practices, and centralizing transaction processing, the economic damage from a significant disruption in operations, lost revenue and reputation at stake increases exponentially," said Martha Gilbertson, vice president of product management at Digex. "Digex has focused on creating a business continuity continuum that provides our customers a flexible suite of services that they can use to minimize downtime while maximizing the return on their investment in information assets."

About Digex

Digex is the leading provider of managed services. Digex customers, from mainstream enterprise corporations to Internet-based businesses, leverage Digex's services to deploy secure, scaleable, high performance e-Enablement, Commerce and Enterprise IT business solutions.

About the WorldCom-Digex Affiliation

The WorldCom-Digex affiliation strategically combines the custom-managed Web and application hosting expertise of Digex with the shared, dedicated and colocation hosting technologies of WorldCom to offer businesses of all sizes the full continuum of secure, dependable hosting services. Powered by the reach and reliability of the facilities-based WorldCom global network, the WorldCom-Digex affiliation rapidly delivers scalable, high-availability outsourced solutions that enable companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia to better focus on their core business.

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