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ID Marking Buyers Guide.

ID Marking Buyers Guide

MAN-Modern Applications News presents its annual ID MarkingBuyers Guide,
an alphabetical guide to manufacturers and distributors of ID marking
equipment and supplies for the metalworking industry that have responded
to requests for company and product information. For your convenience,
the Guide includes each company's product, fax lines, contacts, and
phone numbers. Our Web site,, also
presents this Buyers Guide with company and product information.

Company Name                     Management/Contacts
Address/Phone/Fax                Products

ADDRESSOGRAPH ID MARKING         Mark Hathaway, Product Manager
Tel 800-552-3282                 Addressograph[R] models 320, 360,
Fax 540-489-2381                 and 400 metal plate marking        systems for the industrial market

ARGON TOOL & MANUFACTURING CO.   Ted Wright, Vice President General
Michigan                         Manager
Tel 248-583-1605                 Steel type and type holders; Custom
Fax 248-588-0051                 engraved steel stamps, blocks,              and punches; Hand stamps; Marking                Machines; Air hammers for automated

APPLIED CIM TECHNOLOGIES, INC.   Doug Schober, Vice President
Tel 763-476-4268                 CRIBWARE tool management system is
Fax 763-476-1658                 a complete tool management solution              that includes job and kit tool                   lists, bar coding, purchasing, tool
                                 and print viewing, and inventory

BORRIES MARKING SYSTEMS          Don Hubchik, General Manager
Tel 734-671-9549                 Industrial metal and plastic
Fax 734-761-1171                 marking machinery and tooling for         permanent indent marking;                  Individual free standing units
                                 and highly automated systems

COLUMBIA MARKING TOOLS, INC.     Sarah Smith, Advertising/Marketing
Tel 586-469-8900; 800-469-6275   Turnkey systems and modular units
Fax 586-469-3120                 for marking metals and hot             stamping plastics, steel stamps               and type, serial numbering heads,
                                 impact markers, rollmarking
                                 machines, programmable marking

CONTROL MICRO SYSTEMS, INC.      Rick Stevenson, Sales Director
Tel 407-679-9716                 Laser Marking Systems -- manual
Fax 407-657-6883                 load, fully automated, and turnkey               installations; Custom hardware/                 software configurations to specific
                                 customer requirements

DAPRA MARKING SYSTEMS            Rick Pentz, Vice President Sales
Tel 800-442-6275                 Handheld and Bench-top Dot Peen
Fax 860-726-9555                 marking systems; Diode pump                 laser marking systems; Custom             integrated solutions for
                                 industrial marking applications

E-MARKING SYSTEMS                Rebert McHugh, Division Manager
Tel 412-323-4931                 Programmable stamping systems;
Fax 412-492-1402                 Powerhouse Portable, Digital              Dynamo, and Mainline, used by                manufacturers requiring
                                 sophisticated levels of
                                 traceability achieved by
                                 permanent marking directly onto

F&S ENGRAVING, INC.              Jim Fromm, President
Tel 847-870-8400                 Custom die engraving; Steel stamps;
Fax 847-870-8414                 Cookie, cracker, and snack food              dies

GREAT LAKES LASER SERVICES       Gary Jones, Shop Manager
Tel 248-584-1828                 Laser engraving on metal, wood, a
Fax 248-584-2066                 variety of plastics, and ceramics

HANSCO TECHNOLOGIES, INC.        Jacqul Clelland, Vice President
New Jersey                       Operations
Tel 201-391-0700                 High speed machining center for
Fax 201-391-4261                 electrodes and molds in soft or             hardened material

INFOSIGHT CORPORATION            Rebecca Dolan, Inside Sales Manager
Tel 740-642-3600                 LabeLase[R] direct laser marking;
Fax 740-642-5001                 Text identification, logos, 1D               and 2D bar codes; Direct mark hot                glass and ceramics without              disturbing structural integrity

LASER IMAGES[R]                  Michael Culp, Laser Operations
Indiana                          Manager
Tel 260-484-3620                 Laser marking service engraves most
Fax 260-482-1881                 materials for many applications,             custom design markings, prototypes               processed

MARKING METHODS, INC.            Victor Amorim, Sales and Marketing
California                       Manager
Tel 626-282-8823                 Electrochemical dot peen marking
Fax 626-576-7564                 equipment and service, job shop       services for laser-marking, pad-           printing, hot stamping, vibro-
                                 marking, and industrial silk

NUMBERALL STAMP &                Rick Pellerin, Sales Manager
Maine                            Manufactures a complete line of
Tel 207-876-3541                 metal marking equipment; Automatic
Fax 207-876-3566                 and manual numbering heads;             Numbering and lettering presses;                Steel type and type holders;
                                 Bench presses; Customer dies

ONLINE, INC.                     Michelle Morin, Sales and
Illinois                         Marketing
Tel 815-363-8008                 U.S. manufacturer of laser and
Fax 815-363-8089                 impact marking systems designed              to bar code, serialize,               incorporate graphics, even cut
                                 virtually any product material

PANNIER CORPORATION              Krista Brownlee, Sales and
Pennsylvania                     Marketing Coordinator
Tel 412-323-4900                 Designs and manufacturers
Fax 412-323-4962                 industrial marking equipment for                products identification and                  tracking; programmable stampers;
                                 LT-21 laser-marking systems; Mark
                                 First impact and roll marking
                                 equipment; metal tags

ROCKLIN MANUFACTURING            James Mark Rocklin, President
Iowa                             Rocklinizer - carbide metal
Tel 712-255-7957; 800-831-0890   impregnator which electronically
Fax 712-252-5619                 applies wear resistant carbide  materials to cutting tools,   punches, dies, and other metal
                                 surfaces; Moldmender -- repairs
                                 plastic injection molds, rubber
                                 processing molds, die casting
                                 molds, and dies made of steel

ROFIN-BAASEL INC.                Carol Tatosian, Advertising
Tel 978-635-9100                 RS-Marker[R] Power Line series
Fax 978-635-9199                 lamp and diode-pumped Nd: YAG    lasers; StarMark[R] lamp and diode-                    pumped Nd: YAG and [Co.sub.2]
                                 lasers; Multiscan dot-matrix and
                                 vector coding lasers; Waferlase[R]
                                 semiconductor wafer markers

SCHMIDT MARKING SYSTEMS          Kathryn Burgeson, Advertising
Illinois                         and Communications Manager
Tel 800-323-1332                 Product offerings ranging from
Fax 800-934-3437                 manual, low-volume needs          utilizing hand stamps, to                automated systems including
                                 hydraulic and pneumatic machines
                                 to stylus and laser systems

SOSSNER STEEL STAMPS             Karen Smith, Vice President
Tel 423-543-4001                 Steel stamps for marking, hot
Fax 423-543-8546                 stamping, embossing, trademark,            specialty, concave, radial;            Numbering heads; Type holders,
                                 fixtures, attachments; impact,
                                 pneumatic presses, jewelry stamp
                                 fixtures, machines

SPRINTER MARKETING               John Bishop, Marketing
Ohio                             Manager
Tel 740-453-1000                 Manufacturers Sprinter[TM]
Fax 740-453-6750                 automatic ink code-marking      machines that allpy date codes,        product codes, dots, etc. on
                                 metal, plastic, rubber, and
                                 paper surfaces; marking
                                 possible in any orientation,
                                 message size up to two square
                                 inches, cycle speeds up to
                                 350 cpm, operating supplies and
                                 auxiliary equipment offered

TELESIS                          Mary Ellen Donovan, Director
Ohio                             of Marketing
Tel 800-654-5696                 Permanent, programmable
Fax 740-477-5001                 PINSTAMP[R] and ProScript[R]              Laser Marking Systems for a                  wide range of industrial and
                                 consumer product applications

YOUNG BROS. STAMP WORKS INC.     Debbie Mathis, General Manager
Tel 800-553-8248                 Steel hand stamps mark any
fax 800-982-0011                 material up to 50 on the   Rockwell C scale

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