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ICS software enhancements.

ICS Software Enhancements

Intelligent Computer Systems, Inc. has announced substantial enhancements in its AWARD software package.

According to the company, improvements to the pre-sale driver load sheet have been implemented. Special instructions for individual accounts automatically appear on the load sheets, ICS says, providing detailed information to dispatchers and drivers on how to most efficiently load trucks. ICS reports that other information, such as delivery times, load weight, pallets and order pricing can also be printed on load sheets.

ICS also notes improvements to the salesman route-book sheet. Distribution information can be tracked for both in-house and competing brands. If desired, ICS says the program can also store information on shelf space, price-to-retailer and price-to-consumer for each account.

Enhancements to the fully-integrated accounting modules have also been announced. A custom financial report generator has been developed, enabling the user to examine ledger information in any format desired. Also added are a budgeting capability enabling the user to set budgets by ledger account and examine the variance versus actual figures.

ICS announces that it recently became an IBM industry remarketer for the Risc System 6000 line of Unix-based computers. ICS says that AWARD solutions now exist for small 1-2 terminal distributors running on a PC, on up to large distributors running 200 terminals. AWARD software revision 6.20 is planned for early spring release, and will include further enhancements.

For more information, contact Andy Hodge, Intelligent Computer Systems, 315 Primrose Lane, Montville, PA, 17544. Tel: (717) 285-7977.
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Title Annotation:Intelligent Computer Systems Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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