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ICS Announces the Image MASSter SOLO Forensics, the First Handheld Portable Hard Drive Duplication and Diagnostic System for Law Enforcement Applications.

CHATSWORTH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 17, 1999--

Intelligent Computer Solutions Inc. (ICS) announced the Image MASSter SOLO Forensics, designed as a forensics tool for the law enforcement community.

The SOLO Forensics is a versatile tool that allows law enforcement officers to duplicate hard drives quickly and accurately, in any location.

Features of the SOLO Forensics include data transfer speeds of more than 600 MB/minute, the ability to archive any size image to one or more CD-ROMs and an available serial printer for on-location audit trail printing. The SOLO Forensics also offers many security and quality-control features, including Wipeout that sanitizes the master drive prior to seizing an image from the target drive, and extensive verification features to ensure data integrity.

The SOLO Forensics can be connected directly to a suspect's IDE hard drive, or, when accessibility is a problem, it can be connected via parallel port to either SCSI or IDE drives that reside in the suspect's computer.

The SOLO Forensics will be featured at the HTCIA International Conference in San Diego Sept. 19 through 22.

David Hill of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office stated, "We have been successfully using the Image MASSter technology for the past year as a forensic tool, and not only is it beneficial in copying suspect drives, but it is also a quick and efficient way to wipe drives prior to copying."

The Image MASSter SOLO is the industry's first handheld disk drive duplication system, and serves as a complete tool for the IS professional in the law enforcement, educational, government and corporate markets, as well as for individual users. ICS engineered the SOLO Forensics handheld drive duplicator after the original SOLO model, which shipped in late 1998 and quickly became the industry standard.

"The flexibility and portability of the Image MASSter SOLO, used widely as an IT tool, was a perfect fit for Forensics departments needing the capability of imaging hard drives for evidence. Working with the law enforcement community, we have made changes to our original unit to fit their specific needs," stated Shannon Moore, sales & marketing manager of ICS.

"We will continue to bring the technology that has made ICS the industry leader in disk drive duplication products to this handheld platform," stated Gonen Ravid, president of ICS.

The SOLO Forensics package consists of a hardware unit plus three key operating modes for the low price of $945. The modes included are:

-- Seizing -- Copies an exact image of the suspect's hard drive.

-- Archiving -- The seized image can be archived onto multiple


-- Restoration -- The archived image can be re-created from CDs to

a bootable hard drive.

Options included in the SOLO Forensics are:

-- Audit Trail -- Reports available onsite using an attached

serial printer.

-- Wipeout -- Sanitizes the master drive prior to copying the

seized image from the target.

Accessories available for the SOLO Forensics include:

-- Serial Printer -- Attaches to serial port to allow an audit to

be printed on location.

-- "Fly-Away Case" -- Rugged carrying case with enough space to

accommodate the SOLO, printer, cables and drives (available Q4)

The original Image MASSter SOLO is a handheld self-contained unit that allows system upgrades or disk drive duplication to be easily accomplished at the actual location of the computer by simply loading a drive into the SOLO and carrying it to the site. The SOLO allows the user to download an image from the master drive to the target drive by connecting either directly to the IDE port of the drive or through the parallel port without removing the cover of the PC to both IDE and SCSI drives.

Formed in 1990, ICS designed and produced the first automatic hard drive formatting and software pre-loading system that quickly became the tool for most PC manufacturers and systems integrators. In 1993, ICS developed the Image MASSter product line, which became the industry standard now used by thousands worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. Unique in offering both hardware and software solutions, ICS offers FlashClone as a network-based drive cloning software solution.

For additional sales information, contact the sales office at ICS at 9350 Eton Ave., Chatsworth, Calif. 91311; phone 888/994-4678, fax 818/885-6769, e-mail Visit ICS' Web site at Address all editorial inquiries to Shannon Moore at 770/338-9250 or Ellie Short at 818/998-5805. E-mail: or
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Date:Sep 18, 1999
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