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ICOS publications: new release: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium for Olympic Research.

R.K. Barney, J. Forsyth & M.K Heine (eds.). Rethinking Matters Olympic: Investigations into the Socio-Cultural Study of the Modern Olympic Movement. iv, 517 pp. London, ON: ICOS, 2010. ISBN: 0-7714-2518-X.

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19th Earle F. Zeigler Lecture--Keynote Address

Larry R. Gerlach: SLOC and the City: Salt Lake's Olympic Legacy Cultural Centre

24th Ion Ioannides Lecture--Keynote Address

T. Corey Brennan: The 1960 Rome Olympics: Spaces and Spectacle


Fresh Perspectives on Pierre de Coubertin's Ideals

Jeffrey O. Segrave: 'Chevalerie du neant' ("The knighthood of nothingness"): Henry de Montherlant and the Olympic Games Movement * Lisa Reithmann: Coubertin's Idea of 'Mutual Respect' According to Kant's Concept of Moral Philosoph * Magdalena Mankowska: Rethinking Coubertin's Vision of Olympism: Toward the Revival of Art in Sport as a Modern Principle of Physical Education

Historical Examinations

Stephen R. Wenn: IOC/USOC Relations and the 2009 IOC Session in Copenhagen * Mark Dyreson: Selling the United States to the World: Developing Domestic and Global Markets for Olympic Spectacles in the 1920s and 1930s * Maynard Brichford: Avery Brundage on Amateurism: Preaching and Practice * Matthew P. Llewellyn: A 'United' Kingdom? Nationalism, Identity and the Modern Olympic Games * Erik Nielsen: The Fall of Australasia and the Demise of the Empire Olympic Team * Toby C. Rider: The Distant Fight against Communist Sport: Refugee Sports Organizations in America and the International Olympic Committee * Xiaowei Yu: To Go or Not to Go: An Examination of the People's Republic of China's Participation in the Olympic Games between 1980 and 1984 * Karl Lennartz: The Olympic Games and Politics, 1896 -1916 * Doiara Silva dos Santos & Otavio Guimaraes Tavares da Silva: The Olympic Winter Games and Brazilian Participation: The Question of National Identity in the Media Coverage * Garth Paton: Carol Anne Letheren (1942-2001): A Life in Sport--Far Too Short * Sandra Collins: Asian Soft-Power: Globalization and Regionalism in the East Asia Olympic Games * Janice Forsyth: Out from the Shadows: Researching Fred Simpson

Revisiting the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver

Norm O'Reilly, Benoit Seguin & John Nadeau: Marketing Research at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games * Russell Field: Who Invited You? Party Crashers or Unwelcome Guests: The Legacy of Social Protest at the 2010 Winter Olympics * Cheri L. Bradish & Chris Chard: Examining the Marketing Functions of the 2010 Vancouver Games: Reflections on the Development of a Marketing Legacy * Rob VanWynsberghe, Elizabeth Maurer & Inge Derom: Leveraging the 2010 Olympic Games: 'Sustainability' in a City of Vancouver Initiative * Charlene Weaving: 'Vonntourages' and 'Iceholes': A Critical Examination of Sexism Arising from the Vancouver 2010 Games * Michael Heine: 'Four Sad Faces and a Smiley': A Political Topology of Civic and Olympic Spaces at the 2010 Winter Games * Fred Mason, Scott Hill & Meghan MacLatchy: Whose National Team? Which Game? A Comparison of Television Coverage of the Canadian Women's, Men's and Sledge Hockey Games at Vancouver 2010 * Amanda N. Schweinbenz: Protecting the Flame Behind a ChainLink Fence * Christine M. O'Bonsawin: A Coast Salish Olympic Welcome: The 2010 Vancouver Opening Ceremony and the Politics of Indigenous Participation * Richard Baka: Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies: Did Vancouver 2010 Try to Raise the Bar Too High?

Gender Equity Issues

John Gleaves: Too Fit to Fly: How Female Nordic Ski Jumping Challenges the IOC's Approach to Gender Equality * Maureen M. Smith & Alison M. Wrynn: Examining Issues of Gender Equity in Olympic and Paralympic History * Cassandra Wells: Diagnosing Sex-Gender Verification and the IOC

Challenges and Controversies

David Barney: O Brave New World of Super Suits: So Fast Even Phelps Didn't Know the Water Was There * Byron Peacock: 'A Virtual World Government Unto Itself': Uncovering the Rational-Legal Authority of the IOC in World Politics * Mark Devitt: The Myth of Olympic Unity: Dwight Boyd's Dilemma of Diversity and the IOC's Denial of Reasonable Pluralism * Sarah Teetzel: Minimum and Maximum Age Limits for Competing at the Olympic Games * Colleen English: Switching Teams: Changing Citizenship to Compete in the Olympic Games * Guy Masterman: Critical Timing in the Planning of Physical Legacies: Contrasting London 2012 with Manchester 2002 * Marcus F. Mazzucco & Hilary A. Findlay: Re-Thinking the Legal Regulation of the Olympic Regime: Envisioning a Broader Role for the Court of Arbitration in Sport * Caitlin Pentifallo: Going for Gold: Explaining Motivations for Olympic Games Bidding * Limin Liang: Mutual Shaping of Design and Use: New Technologies in the Television Production of the Beijing Games * Heather L. Reid & Christos Evangeliou: The Political Heritage of the Olympic Games: Relevance, Risks, and Possible Rewards * Louise Mansfield, Mike Weed & Suzanne Dowse: Rethinking the Role of Values in Olympic/Paralympic Legacy Planning: Using the London 2012 Games to Get the Nation Moving * Cheryl Mallen, Craig G. Hyatt & Lorne Adams: Examining the Alignment of the IOC's Environmental Code of Conduct for Athletes Within a Varsity Athletic Program * Naofumi Masumoto & Yimin Wang: 'One Dream' Was for What? Olympic Education and the Peace Movement in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

International Dimensions of the Modern Olympic Movement

Stephan Wassong: The United Nations' Attitude to Olympic Peace * Stephen Swain: The Marginalization of Dissent and Criticism Herman & Chomsky's Propaganda Model * Emese Ivan & Adrian M. Pandev: The Champions of Earth Award: The UN, the IOC, and Sport for Development * Wanda Ellen Wakefield: Squaw Valley, 1960: Volunteers, Technology and a Bucket of Water * Douglas W. McLaughlin & Cesar R. Torres: Olympism and the Olympic Program: An Intersubjective Moral Approach to Sport * Simon C. Darnell: Mega Sport for All? Assessing the Development Promises of Rio 2016 * Dikaia Chatziefstathiou: Youth, Governmentality and Olympism
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