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ICMR news.

The following meetings of various technical committees/groups of the Council were held during April-May, 2011.

Meetings of the Task Forces (TFs) held at New Delhi

TF a Multi-centric Study on New-born: April 4, 2011

TF on a Multi-centric Study on New-born Screening for Congenital Hyperplasia: April 5, 2011

TF on Rickettsial Disease: April 7, 2011

TF on Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants: April 11, 2011

ICMR-ICAR Joint TF on Epidemiology of Human and Animal Brucellosis in India: April 25, 2011

TF on Epidemiology of Anophthalmia and or Microophthalmia in Children aged 0-5 years in Selected District of Bihar: April 26, 2011

TF on Repeat Cross Sectional Survey on Prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease and its Risk Factors in Residents of Urban and Rural Areas of National Capital Region: May 4, 2011

TF on Genetic Analysis of Maturity Onset Young and Neonatal Diabetes in India: May 10, 2011

TF on Association of Oral Pre Cancer with Use of Pan Masala: May 12, 2011

TF on Registry of People with Diabetes with young Age at Onset--Phase II: May 13, 2011

TF on Migration, Poverty and Access to Health Care: A Multicentric Study on People's Access and Health System's Responsiveness in Metros/Major Cities: May 30-31, 2011

TF on Evaluation of Progesterone Vaginal Ring as a New Contraceptive Options in India: May 30, 2011

Meetings of Project Review Committees (PRCs) held at New Delhi

PRC on Oncology: April 19-21, 2011

PRC on Projects of North-East Regions: April 27, 2011

PRC on Pre-term Birth: May 6, 2011

PRC on Environmental Hygiene & Occupational Health: May 13, 2011

PRC on Tuberculosis and Other Chest Diseases, and Leprosy: May 13, 2011

PRC on Geriatrics: May 19, 2011

RCon Biomedical Engineering: May 27,2011

Meetings of the Steering Committees/Sub-Groups/Expert Groups (EGs)/and Other Meetings held

Steering Committee of Clinical Trials Registry (at New Delhi): April 8, 2011

Sub-Group on Clinical Research on Microbicides: April 8, 2011 (at New Delhi)

EG on Endosulfan: April 18, 2011 (at New Delhi)

Monitoring Committee of Cancer Screening Projects in (at Shimla) Himachal Pradesh: May 2-3, 2011

Brain Storming Meeting on Trauma, Accidents and Injury and Emergency Care Research: May 16, 2011 (at New Delhi)

EG on Stem Cell Research and Therapy: May 19, 2011 (at New Delhi)

EG to review the project "A comparative study of the Clinical Profile and Aetiopathogenesis of Intersex Disorders in North-East Children: May 25, 2011 (at New Delhi)

EG on Endosulfan: May 24-25, 2011 (at Calicut)

EG on Genetic Basis of Resistance to Diabetes in Raica Community and HI_A Profile of Raica Community of Rajasthan: May 26,2011 (at New Delhi)


A workshop on Facing the Reality of Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis Challenges and Potential in India was held at New Delhi (April 18-19,2011).

Participation of ICMR Scientists in Scientific Events

Dr. Saritha Nair, Scientist C, National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH), Mumbai, visited Natcher Conference Centre, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, and Boston University and Institute for Community Research under the Indo-US Collaborative Project (April 10-30,2011).

Dr. A.C. Mishra, Director, National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, participated in the Open-ended Working Group of Member states on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness sharing of Influenza Viruses and Access to Vaccines and Other Benefits, at Geneva (April 11-15,2011).

Dr. R.M. Bhat, Scientist E and Officer-in-Charge, National Institute of Malaria Research (NIMR) Field Station, Raipur, participated in the WHO Meeting of Pesticide Evaluation Working Group, at Geneva (April 11-15,2011).

Dr. A.K. Mukhopadhyaya, Scientist D, National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (NICED), Kolkata, participated in the International Vaccine Initiative (IVI) Meeting "To Assess the Quality Control and Quality Assurance on Current Practices in the two Newly Formed Laboratories at Zanzibar to Isolate, Identify and Store Vibrio organisms, (April 11-16,2011). He also participated in the Advanced Course on Vaccinology in Asia Pacific Region, at Seoul (May 2-7,2011).

Dr. J.M. Deshpande, Director, Enterovirus Research Centre, Mumbai, participated in the Polio Research Committee Meeting at Geneva (April 14-15,2011). He also participated in the WHO Meeting on Technical Support for Establishing Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Facility, at Dhaka (May 16-19,2011).

Dr. Poonam Salotra, Scientist E, Institute of Pathology, New Delhi, participated in the XV Annual Woods Hole Immunopathology Meeting, at Woodshole (April 17-20,2011).

Dr. Neeru Singh, Director, Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) for Tribals, Jabalpur, participated in the RBM Malaria in Pregnancy Working Group Meeting on Malaria in Pregnancy in the Asia Pacific Region, at Geneva (April 18-20,2011).

Dr. Neelima Mishra, Scientist D, Dr. B. Shahi, Scientist B and Mrs. Beena Srivastava, Technical Assistant, NIMR, New Delhi, participated in the Review Meeting on Tracking Resistance to Artemisinin Collaboration Protocol, at Bangkok (April 20-22,2011).

Dr. L.S. Savardekar, Scientist D, NIRRH, Mumbai, and Dr. R Kumaran, Scientist D, Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC), Chennai, participated in the Training Session for Western Institutional Review Board Fellows Summit, at Daeju (April 21-23,2011).

Dr. Samiran Panda, Scientist E, NICED, Kolkata, participated in the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime Programme on Outreach and Positive Living, in Nepal (April 29--May 1, and May 3-5,2011).

Dr. Kiran Katoch, Director, National JALMA Institute for Leprosy and Other Mycobacterial Diseases, Agra; Dr. M.S. Jawahar, Scientist F, TRC, Chennai and Dr. R.C. Dhiman, Scientist F, NIMR, New Delhi, participated in the Indo-Swiss Symposium on Infectious Diseases, at Lausanne (May 2-3,2011).

Dr. G.B. Nair, Director, NICED, Kolkata, participated in the International Panel Convened Meeting "To Determine the Source of Cholera Outbreak in Haiti, at New York (May 2-5,2011).

Dr. R.K. Nandy, Scientist C and Dr. Suman Kanungo, Scientist B, NICED, Kolkata, participated in the III Annual Meeting of the Malnutrition and Enteric Diseases Network, at Washington D.C. (May 2-5,2011).

Dr. R Jambulingam, Director, Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC), Puducherry, participated in the Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases: Role of Aedes spp -borne Disease, at Cervia (May 9-10,2011).

Dr. A. Manonmani, Scientist E, VCRC, Puducherry, participated in the 2011 World of Coal Ash Conference, at Denver (May 9-12,2011).

Dr. Arvind Pandey, Director, National Institute of Medical Statistics, New Delhi, participated in the Regional Workshop for Training on HIV/AIDS Estimates and Projections, at Bangkok (May 9-13,2011).

Dr. Anita Nadkarni, Scientist C, National Institute of Immunohaematology, Mumbai, participated in the XII International Conference on Thallasaemia and Haemeglobinopathies and XIV International TIF Conference for Thallasaemia patients and Partners, at Antalaya (May 11-15,2011).

Dr. Anil Prakash, Scientist F, RMRC N.E. Region, Dibrugarh, participated in the Progress and Planning Meeting of Welcome Trust Funded Project on Geographic and Genomic Barriers to Gene Flow in Anopheles baimaii Mosquitoes in Myanmar and North East India, at Manchester (May 23-27,2011).


Dr. Tarun Batnagar, Scientist C, National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai, proceeded to School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles for Completing his Ph.D. (April 1-July 15,2011).

Dr. G.B. Reddy, Scientist E, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, undertook Training in Mouse Electro-retinography, at University of Michigan Medical School, Michigan (April 21-May 10,2011).

Dr. S. Basu, Scientist C, NICED, Kolkata, participated in the Welcome Trust Advanced Course on Molecular Basis of Bacterial Infection, at Hinxton, Cambridge (May 8-14,2011).

Dr. A. Laxmaiah, Scientist E, NIN, Hyderabad, participated in the Training Programme on Basic Genetic and Genomics and Genetic Association Studies and in the Interactive Session with the Scientists of Bristol University and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London (May 22-June 4, 2011).
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