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ICM represents health professionals in new Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health: since the launch of the new Partnership, work is progressing rapidly to establish effective action towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5.


The key bodies that oversee and carry out the work of The Partnership are the Forum, the Steering Committee and the Working Groups.

The Forum includes all members of the Partnership. It is responsible for nominating representatives to the Steering Committee, supporting and furthering Partnership objectives, and serving as a medium for the exchange of ideas and information.

The Steering Committee is the Partnership's governing body, and is responsible for overseeing The Partnership at a macro-level with a focus on medium- and long-term plans. It is also charged with mobilising funds; outlining organisational policy; and establishing goals, priorities, strategies and targets for The Partnership.

The four Working Groups have roles in distinct areas that reflect the four agreed key priorities of The Partnership. The groups will develop workplans and serve as a clearing house for the exchange of tools, strategies and other resources

* The Country Support Working Group manages the work carried out at the country level. Its tasks include co-ordinating technical support and facilitating a streamlined national plan of action.

* The Advocacy Working Group publicises the issue of maternal, newborn and child health internationally and nationally through sharing consistent messages, generating media coverage, and galvanising support for increased funds and attention.

* The Effective Interventions Working Group creates and adapts tools and strategies to facilitate country-level implementation of effective health interventions.

* The Monitoring & Evaluation Working Group tracks progress and resource allocations related to programme implementation in key countries.


Membership of the Partnership is divided into the following categories:

Country members, who can bring their experience implementing policies and programmes to improve the health of mothers, newborns and children;

Organisational members, who work institutionally on maternal, newborn and/or child health, and whose work embodies the

Partnership's principles:

Honorary members, who have special knowledge and experience to offer in maternal, newborn and child health, and who have made outstanding contributions to the field.

Forms are available on which to apply for membership and they can be downloaded from the PSMNH website at


The Secretariat is housed within the World Health Organization in Geneva and undertakes day-to-day administration of the

Partnership workplan:

Interim Director: Petra ten Hoope Bender; Communications Officer: Lori McDougall; Technical Officer: Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan; Administrative Assistant: Lionel Courtial.

Contact at

The Partnership for Maternal Newborn & Child Health

c/o World Health Organization

1211 Geneva 27 Swithzerland

Tel + 41 22 791 4914; Fax + 41 22 791 4171;


The Partnership newsletter, Lives, is available from the website, along with other useful documents, and a newly published brochure, pictured below.
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