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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- ICL, one of Europe's leading computer systems and services companies, announces the porting of its successful TeamWARE product line to the Windows NT operating environment. Key TeamWARE products include group productivity software, systems management and administration facilities, networking and communication products and development tools for the PC LAN environment. They will be integrated into Windows NT by the end of this year.
 ICL is fully committed to Windows NT as a strategic platform for PC LAN-based systems integration and in particular for the TeamWARE products. Windows NT will enhance ICL's strength in the client-server environment, providing the scalability, built-in networking, security and administration required for mission critical corporate applications.
 For TeamOFFICE, the modular group productivity software in the TeamWARE suite, Windows NT provides an excellent platform for implementing scalable groupware solutions. The Windows NT version of TeamOFFICE was previewed at the Windows World '93 conference in May. The product will ship worldwide during the fourth quarter of 1993.
 TeamCOMMS Enterprise Connectivity Services (ECS), another TeamWARE product, further complements Windows NT by providing users with increased connectivity. ECS integrates major communication architectures (SNA, OSI, TCP/IP) in a powerful package. This enables implementation of cost-efficient and scalable data communication solutions, which range from stand-alone Windows/Windows NT workstations to powerful communications servers for large PC LANs with several hundred users. The Windows NT version of ECS will also ship worldwide during the fourth quarter.
 TeamCARE Advanced Systems Management (ASM), another product in the TeamWARE family, has been shipping for two years and is currently installed with several major customers in Europe. ICL's early start to market Windows NT technology has already resulted in a major contract with the Union Bank of Finland. This deal includes the delivery of more than 600 Windows NT Advanced Servers serving more than 6,500 Windows workstations. ICL's delivery of the new enhanced computing environment will enable the Union Bank of Finland to continue deploying client- server computing, a strategy the bank began in 1986.
 Paul Maritz, senior vice president, Systems Division, Microsoft Corp., said, "TeamWARE's enterprise-wide client-server capability takes full advantage of Windows NT's strengths for business computing systems. We have worked closely with ICL to ensure that Windows NT provides the scalability, performance, reliability, security and systems management features required to satisfy ICL's European customers."
 About TeamWARE
 ICL's TeamWARE, with more than 500,000 users worldwide, is a software and networking product family that integrates PC workstations, LAN and UNIX servers and ICL and IBM mainframes within a client-server environment. The wide range of TeamWARE products is designed to meet the needs of users, developers and systems managers, providing integration at the desktop. It incorporates an open, client-server architecture resting on widely accepted industry standards.
 Products in the TeamWARE family include:
 -- TeamOFFICE -- a full-range of MS Windows-based workgroup services
 including mail, library, calendar, forum and workflow
 -- TeamCARE -- systems management
 -- TeamNET -- local area networking components
 -- TeamCOMMS -- enterprise connectivity
 -- TeamTOOLS -- database connectivity
 About ICL
 ICL is one of the world's leading computer manufacturing and information technology companies. Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, with some 25,000 employees, ICL generated revenues of almost 2.5 billion UK pounds (US$4.3 billion) in 1992. ICL supplies applications software, information technology services and computing hardware, through its operating companies located worldwide.
 ICL Client-Server Systems is responsible for the development, manufacture, marketing and support of all ICL's PCs, terminals, UNIX servers and the TeamWARE product line. The organization has 10 years experience in developing PC LAN-based client-server software. In 1992, its TeamWARE sales grew by 60 percent over 1991.
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 /CONTACT: Anne Prine, 714-855-5505, Shannon Hakesley, 714-589-2033, or (in Helsinki, Finland) Tapio Sulkava, +358-0-567-3169, all of ICL Client-Server Systems/

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