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ICE Midlands Awards: Weir went successfully back to future.

Holt Weir was built across the River Severn in 1843 to improve navigation on the river north of Worcester.

Over time the weir has deteriorated as a result of erosion and scour to the masonry as well as water penetration through the structure itself.

The objectives of the refurbishment were to prevent further deterioration of the structure by reducing water penetration, repair existing scour damage, provide additional scour protection to the toe of the weir, replace the weir crest and improve safety for future maintenance works. The project team developed an environmentally sensitive and value engineering approach comprising grout-filled mattresses to the upstream face of the weir, placed by divers, tied into a new reinforced concrete crest beam. This was combined with localised repairs to the weir apron and the construction of a reinforced concrete toe slab with stone rip-rap for scour protection.

The environmental considerations were significant as works could only be carried out between May and September when river levels are lower; fish migration dictated that the fish pass over the weir could only be blocked during July -the River Severn is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Access to the site was difficult due to its location in the river valley, the nearest road access being Holt Lock, 100 m away from the works across an environmentally sensitive lock island and the river navigation channel. The project was completed successfully on programme without any safety or pollution incidents.


Holt Weir Refurbishment Project Value: pounds 800,000 Client, Designer & Planning Supervisor: British Waterways Principal Contractor: AWG Construction Group
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 13, 2004
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