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ICA serves wooden chair manufacturers.

ICA Group, based in the city of Civitanova Marche, in the central Italian province of Macerata, has created a range of water-based products targeted specifically at meeting the needs of wooden chair manufacturers. Due to their versatility, these coatings can be used within mixed cycles (i.e. in combination with solvent-based products), thus allowing users to replace solvent-based coatings gradually. The company has developed three water-based coating cycles. One is transparent and two are lacquered cycles, which differ in terms of the type of base coat used--white or transparent.


The transparent cycle starts with water-based immersion base coat TAPU. which is followed by a coat of transparent monocomponent water-based base coat FA543, sprayed electrostatically (100-120 g/m2). This transparent solution delivers advantages such as high wettability of the wood fiber, and it is also easy to sand. Once dry, a coat of transparent monocomponent water-based topcoat AO558G25 is applied electrostatically (80-100 g/[m.sup.2]), producing a final result that is soft to the touch.

The two lacquered cycles are similar though not identical. The first starts with two coats of white water-based base coat FA47BEC, applied electrostatically (100-130 g/m2), which provides good coverage and reduces removal of the wood fiber. After drying, pigmented water-based matt topcoat AOB510G25/N is applied electrostatically (100-120 g/[m.sup.2]). This topcoat is also used in the second lacquered cycle, which differs only in that it is based on two coats of transparent water-based base coat FA543 (the same base coat used for the transparent cycle).

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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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