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IC ball bonder.

The Max[mu]mplus ultra high speed ball bonder is for all types of ultra-fine pitch applications, including 35 micron in-line pitch. The bonder delivers bond placement accuracy of 2.5 [micro]m. An improved servo control system for the xy table reduces wire cycle times to 63.0 msecs. Performance is maintained for a bonding area of 56 X 66 mm (2.20 X 2.60 in.), and precision-touch bondhead technology delivers bond force control. Teaching and calibration software improves overall accuracy to 2.5[micro]m. The bonder also incorporates a reduced-friction wire feed path with the capability to handle wires down to 15[micro]m diameter. It also features advanced imaging technology, a [micro]T Sontics transducer to minimize pad disturbance and a precision-arc embedded fiber optic (EFO) system that enhances electronic ball control delivery and provides high repeatability in free air ball formation.



Kulicke & Soffa (K&S), Willow Grove, PA
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Title Annotation:Product Spotlight
Publication:Circuits Assembly
Date:May 1, 2004
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