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IBS tips.

Dear Dr. SerVaas:

Why did I suffer severe bouts of IBS sporadically? Why in some eating places more than others? After two years of trial and elimination, I found the culprit--black pepper (especially coarsely ground). I also have a slight aversion to dill and some vinegars.

Tell Dorothy Downard of Azusa, California, to abstain from these seasonings and determine her results. Possibly other condiments could affect her. I have no problems when I omit these from my diet.

Shirley B. Jacobs

Laomi, Illinois

Dear Dr. SerVaas:

I saw Dorothy Downard's letter in the March/April 2004 issue. My daughter (in her 50s) had an onslaught of flatulence, and after determining everything was okay per colonscopy, she started eating yogurt with live cultures and acidophilus. These ingredients are on the label. Not all yogurt has "live" written on labels, so check carefully. This corrected her situation immediately, and she maintains a healthy digestive system if she does her part. I, too, had flatulence and loose stools, but not diarrhea, so I did the following, which has been successful:

1. Reduce roughage intake (I love salads, so that hurt)

2. Eat the above yogurt

3. Add some all-bran to my oatmeal or whatever

I also take Naturade Stomach Formula, which is concentrated aloe--available at health-food stores.

Esther Howell

Lake City, Florida
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Title Annotation:Medical Mailbox
Author:SerVaas, Cory
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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