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IBM president Jack Kuehler on why he enjoys Fall Comdex: Las Vegas is a great town for IBM. Everyone drives big cars--there isn't a Compaq in sight. Inside the casinos, no one uses their own DEC. The Sun never shines. And there are no Windows." (Quoted in PC Week, 10/29/91)

IBM multimedia marketing manager Peter Blakeney on why his company hasn't been involved in the MPC (multimedia personal computer) standard-setting effort: "The MPC Council is supposedly being directed by the Software Publishers Association, but scratch that a little and you'll see that microsoft is driving it." (Quoted in Fortune, 11/4/91)

NANTUCKET president Larry Heimendinger on a conversation he had with a potential Soviet reseller: "He came in, locked the door, pulled down the shades and said, I need to sell Clipper. I make a list and send everyone a letter telling them to buy it from me.' I said, 'Oh, you mean mail order?' And he got upset and said Who told you my plan?'" (Quoted in The New York Times, 11/3/91)

BORLAND chairman Philippe Kahn on Lotus's new Working Together" focus on application families: "Every year, they have a new strategy." (Quoted in Business Week, 10/14/91)
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Title Annotation:quotes from various industry leaders on a variety of subjects
Date:Dec 15, 1991
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