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IBM announces new POWER7 systems.

Worldwide Computer Products News-18 August 2010-IBM announces new POWER7 systems(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS

IT company IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today the availability of its new POWER7 systems designed to manage demanding workloads and emerging applications.

The company said that the additions to its IBM Power Systems range include a high and system that offers considerable energy efficiency when compared to competitive systems. The new systems - servers, software and IBM's PowerVM virtualisation capabilities - will allow customers to better manage increasing amounts of data in an interconnected world and to conserve energy and floorspace in burdened data centres, the company said. These systems are part of a year-long roll-out by IBM workload-optimised systems for the demands of emerging business models such as smart electrical grids, real-time analytics in financial markets and healthcare, mobile telecommunications and smarter traffic systems.

New servers covered by today's announcement from IBM including a new high-end IBM Power 795 system, four entry-level POWER7 processor-based servers designed specifically for midmarket clients and a POWER7 processor-based workflow-optimised Smart Analytics System to help businesses draw real-time information from massive amounts of data.

The company said that its new 256-core IBM Power 795 offers five times better energy efficiency compared to servers from competing providers. The system uses IBM's EnergyScale technology to varying frequencies depending on workload and supports up to 8 TB of memory with up to four times the performance in the same energy envelope as the fastest IBM Power 595 POWER6 processor-based high-end system, according to IBM.

The new POWER7 technology can support four times as many processor cores as similarly priced systems and uses the latest PowerVM virtualisation software to allow customers to run over 1000 virtual servers on a single physical system, offering customers a substantial improvement in operating efficient, the company said.

IBM also announced Power Flex, a new environment composed of two or more Power 795 systems, PowerVM Live Partition Mobility and Flex Capacity Upgrade on Demand option, which allows customers to perform system maintenance without downtime, helping to balance workloads and more easily handle peaks in demand.

Prices for the new IBM systems start at USD6,385.

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Publication:Worldwide Computer Products News
Date:Aug 18, 2010
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