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IBM has launched the world's first personal computer to be made from 100% recycled resin for all major plastic parts, the IBM IntelliStation E Pro. The IBM IntelliStation E Pro is one of several new Windows NT-based workstations and commercial PCs IBM has introduced, featuring Intel's new Pentium III microprocessor. Also included are the IBM PC 300GL, the IBM PC 300PL and the IBM IntelliStation M Pro.

IBM's integration of recycled plastics in new system production in the computer industry and demonstrates IBM's technological leadership in introducing products that satisfy both the customer's requirements for features and price, and are environmentally conscious. For example, the new IntelliStation E Pro CPU, which contains three and a half pounds of plastic, was converted from a prime resin to 100% recycled plastic at no extra cost. In fact, one of the eight recycled parts of the system unit is now 20% less expensive to manufacture.

According to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study, approximately 10% of the weight content of municipal landfills is plastic waste, which equates to millions of pounds of plastic being added to the environment each year. Around the world, IBM Worldwide Materials Recovery Centers process millions of pounds of plastic waste. Last year, the Society Of Plastics Engineers awarded IBM its prestigious "Recycler of the Year Award," in recognition of IBM's pioneering achievements in advancing environmental design and plastics recycling. The IBM IntelliStation E Pro is the breakthrough product that will allow IBM's engineers to examine the potential of commercially available recycled resins for more IBM product lines.

"IBM's award-winning desktop PCs, including the IntelliStation E Pro, are incorporating technologies that are miles ahead of our competitors," said Anne Gardner, general manager, IBM Commercial Desktops. "Our customers have seen IBM lead the way in manageability, reliability and performance, and the products we're announcing today are strong examples of IBM's continued technological leadership."

IBM PC 300PL and IBM PC 300GL

The new desktop PCs IBM has introduced includes the IBM PC 300GL and IBM PC 300PL, both featuring Intel's new Pentium III microprocessor, and running at 450MHz and 500MHz, delivering IBM's fastest desktop PCs. With this new level of performance, the IBM PC 300GL and IBM PC 300PL give users network-maximized power, as well as enhanced manageability features, under the umbrella of IBM's Universal Manageability, tools and technologies that help make managing and protecting PCs easier.

Many customers today recognize the critical role that systems manageability plays in determining their total cost of ownership. Recognizing that the purchase price is but a fraction of their overall costs, customers are looking for ways to reduce the costs of deployment, inventory-tracking, security and administration. IBM's Universal Manageability tools such as Universal Management Agent, the often-imitated IBM Wake on LAN, Alert on LAN, LANClient Control Manager, SMART Reaction and Asset ID help customers to better mange their networks.

In the IBM PC 300PL, special attention has been paid to boosting graphics performance, with the inclusion of a Matrox Millennium G200 AGP 2X, enhanced acceleration for 2D/3D graphics and advanced 3D rendering. The IBM PC 300PL supports true 24-bit color and the standard 8MB graphics memory is expandable up to 16MB. It also features integrated audio with an internal speaker, and integrated 10/100 Ethernet, as well as a convenient ScrollPoint mouse.

In addition to the new Pentium III desktop PCs, IBM also announced today the new Celeron-based IBM PC 300GL. At 400MHz and featuring 128KB of L2 cache, the Celeron-based IBM PC 300GL is an affordable, yet high-performing PC, designed for core business needs.

IntelliStation E Pro and IBM IntelliStation M Pro (Windows NT-based Workstations)

In addition to the IBM IntelliStation E Pro, IBM has introduced the high-performance IntelliStation M Pro. Both new IBM IntelliStations feature Intel's new Pentium III microprocessor, running at 450MHz and 500MHz, and industry-leading 2D and 3D graphics performance. They are the first IBM IntelliStations to offer the new IBM-designed Fire GL1 and Intense3D Wildcat graphics solutions.

IBM Fire GL1 is the first-ever, fully-integrated, 256-bit OpenGL 3D, accelerated graphics port solution, and is optimized on the IntelliStation for advanced 3D. The new IBM Fire GL1 represents a dynamic shift in 3D capabilities. In a recent benchmark test, the new IBM IntelliStation M Pro with Fire GL1 graphics outperformed 3D solutions from Compaq by 60%, Hewlett Packard by 43% and Dell by 28%.

For higher-level 3D performance, where customers are more likely to be engaged in complex modelling, product simulation and require a very realistic on-screen appearance, the Intense 3D Wildcat graphics allows the power of multiple pipelines to be combined to drive a single display. The result is an IntelliStation graphics solution that is 56% faster than Compaq, 38% faster than Hewlett Packard and 20% faster than Dell.

System Migration Assistant

All IBM PC 300 and IBM IntelliStation models support IBM's new System Migration Assistant, a unique software tool designed to help administrators dramatically speed up the migration of users to new IBM computers. One of the great difficulties and costs in deploying new systems is the problem of migrating data from an old system to a new system. It's a process that is often time-consuming and inefficient. IBM's new Systems Migration Assistant, is a technology designed to help customers migrate systems faster and more-efficiently.

Through a simple interface, an administrator can select individual settings as well as the files to move to the new computer, such as:

-- Personality settings (such as start menu selections, desktop icons and screen savers)

-- Connectivity settings (such as user names and IP addresses)

-- Printer settings (such as printer drivers and properties)

-- Data files (such as text files, images, fonts)

IBM's Systems Migration Assistant allows administrators to capture virtually all personality settings remotely, at a fraction of the time needed to complete these tasks in person. IBM's System Migration Assistant is designed to help keep migration and deployment costs low, users productive and demands on the administrator, who can save, view and instantly move files, to a minimum. IBM's System Migration Assistant is available as a free download via the Web.


Adding additional performance to the IBM commercial PC and IntelliStation product lines, Options by IBM introduced a new V.90 PCI Data/Fax Modem. Based on industry-standard V.90 and K56flex technology, this modem delivers high performance download speeds up to 56 Kbps with operating system independent operation and minimum CPU loading. The IBM V.90 PCI Data/Fax Modem is compatible with any commercial desktop system featuring PCI slots and IntelliStations and servers configured with a single processor. The IBM V.90 PCI Data/Fax Modem estimated reseller price is $99.


Estimated reseller prices for the new IBM desktops are as follows:

IBM PC 300GL, Celeron, 400MHz --- $849

IBM PC 300GL, Pentium III, 450 MHz --- $1,499

IBM PC300PL, Pentium III, 450 MHz --- $1,675

IBM IntelliStation E Pro, Pentium III, 450 MHz --- $2,155

IBM IntelliStation M Pro, Pentium III, 450 MHz --- $2,792

For more information, call 919/254-7037.
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