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IBM Doubles NT Server Performance Using Intel's Newest Processor; Companies Also Open Three Solutions Centers.

SOMERS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- June 29, 1998--IBM today announced record-setting performance for a Windows NT server. The company's latest Netfinity-(a) server equipped with Intel's new Pentium II Xeon-(b) processor swept its competition recently in tests using the industry's most watched benchmark.

The Netfinity 7000 M10 server set power and price/performance records on the industry's popular TPC-D-(c) benchmark. The 7000 M10 server running IBM's DB2-(a) Universal Database posted a performance rating of 1871.1 QppD@100GB -- nearly double IBM's previous industry record -- at the lowest price/performance ratio ($243/QphD@100GB) in the industry.(1)

"IBM's outstanding results demonstrate the new levels of performance made possible by Intel's Pentium II Xeon processor," said John Miner, vice president and general manager for Intel's Enterprise Server Group. "By leading the industry in price/performance with its Netfinity servers, IBM is delivering a distinct advantagefor businesses in search of cost-effective and scalable enterprise computing solutions."

IBM also announced it would open three new Application Solution Centers (ASC) with Intel by the end of 1998. The centers will help software developers optimize their applications for platforms with Pentium II Xeon and Merced processors. As a result, customers can be assured their business-critical applications, such as accounting or enterprise resource planning, achieve the highest level of performance on their new Netfinity server hardware. The new ASCs will be located in San Mateo, Calif.; Waltham, Mass.; and Hursley, England.

Additionally, IBM said its IntelliStation* family of NT workstations will be expanded to include a new line based upon the Intel Pentium II Xeon processor. IntelliStation professional workstations incorporating the new Pentium II Xeon processor will be available in 3Q 1998.

IBM's Netfinity 5500 customers will be able to easily upgrade to the new Pentium II Xeon processors with a simple upgrade kit that users can install in minutes. IBM also will provide additional services for installing and configuring the processors. IBM's Netfinity 7000 M10 server will begin shipping in September with pricing to be announced. A rebate program will allow current Netfinity 7000 customers to upgrade to the new Netfinity 7000 M10 server easily and affordably.

The power of the new Netfinity 7000 M10 system makes it ideal for server consolidation, business-intelligence applications and other rigorous enterprise-wide uses. The 7000 M10 and its four-way symmetric multiprocessor design builds upon the exceptional scalability, management, and availability features demonstrated in the Netfinity 5500 server, including:

-- IBM's exclusive Light-path diagnostics -- equivalent to the light path inside a copier that locates a paper jam - that help quickly and correctly identify a failed component, dramatically reducing service time

-- A separate microprocessor for monitoring, remote systems management and predictive failure analysis

-- Support for hot-plug and hot-add PCI slots -- Support for 64-bit PCI adapter cards -- Up to 8GB EDO memory -- Support for high-availability features such as redundant, hot-plug disk, fans, power, and Ethernet adapters

-- NetBAY3 pedestal for easy storage expansion on tower models

IBM Netfinity family

The IBM Netfinity family of servers enables small, medium and large companies to manage their networked business systems from file and print capabilities to advanced applications - virtually anytime, anywhere. IBM, working with MetaStor by Symbios, now supports ServerProven Fibre Channel solutions for its Netfinity family. IBM Netfinity products provide customers using industry-standard technologies with a reliable foundation for their networked businesses by delivering outstanding power, scalability, control and service. Software from industry-leading vendors such as Lotus, Novell, Microsoft, SCO, SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and Baan are tested on IBM Netfinity systems so that customers are empowered to achieve their highest degree of productivity.

Editors' Note: All IBM news releases are available on the Internet at Specific information about IBM Netfinity products, services and support can be located at

The IBM Fax Information Service allows you to receive facsimiles of prior IBM product releases. Simply dial 1-800-IBM-4FAX and enter "99" at the voice menu.

(a)- Indicates a trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

(b)- Indicates a trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

(c)- TPC Benchmark, TPC-D, QppD, QthD and QphD are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council. Results referenced in this document are current as of June 29, 1998. All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

(1) TPC-D performance results of competitive four processor, Windows NT-based systems are listed below. Complete test summaries are available on the Internet at

 QppD QthD $/QphD Total Solution
 Availability Date

 IBM Netfinity 7000 M10 w/DB2 1871.1 661.3 $243.00 Oct. 31, 1998
 IBM Netfinity 7000 w/DB2 987.2 362.4 $284.14 Oct. 31, 1998
 Compaq Proliant 6500 w/Oracle 902.1 275.5 $632.05 May 15, 1998
 Dell PowerEdge 6100 w/Oracle 898.2 277.6 $673.04 Dec. 31, 1997
 NEC Express5800 w/Oracle 885.5 276.2 $803.82 Jan. 15, 1998
 Compaq Proliant 6500 w/Oracle 869.4 269.8 $843.96 Dec. 31, 1997
 Dell PowerEdge 6100 531.5 195.3 $1124 Jan. 1, 1998

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