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IBM Announces New IntelliStation NT Workstation, Featuring Breakthrough Application Performance.

SOMERS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 22, 1997--Continuing its commitment to offer superior NT workstation solutions, IBM(a) today announced the new IntelliStation(a) M Pro, combining the highest levels of application performance, manageability and investment protection.

The new IBM IntelliStation M Pro features single or dual 233, 266 or 300 MHz (1) Pentium(b) II processor(s), with either 32, 64 or 128 MB SDRAM (maximum capacity 512MB) with error checking and correcting memory for greater data protection and hard disk drive capacity of up to 25GB (2). The M Pro also features Intel's 440 LX chip set, which allows for the use of Synchronous DRAM and the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), dual channel SCSI bus with integrated RAIDport support, and fast entry and high-end graphics accelerators. The new IntelliStation M Pro is housed in a spacious 6X6 mini-tower, offering potential for growth in CPU memory and storage subsystems.

"The market for NT workstations is soaring and our customers are demanding that we push the envelope on application performance, manageability and system reliability," said Dr. Satish Gupta, general manager, IBM Professional Workstations. "We have tripled our graphics performance in the eight months since we announced the IntelliStation line and now offer our customers a combination of features and performance currently unmatched by any of our competitors."

Increased Application Performance

The IBM IntelliStation M Pro distinguishes itself in both 2D and high-end 3D graphics with a leadership position in graphics benchmarks. The 2D IntelliStation M Pro models are configured with the Permedia 2 card and AGP support for dedicated graphics bandwidth. In the 2D performance environment, the IntelliStation M Pro achieved a Winbench97 score of 139 (3) million winmarks. In addition to excelling in 2D graphics, the Permedia 2 graphics card also provides strong 3D graphics application performance. For example, the new IntelliStation M Pro with Permedia 2 graphics runs Pro/ENGINEER software more than twice as fast as the previous entry-level IntelliStation workstations.

The high-end 3D IntelliStation M Pro features the Intergraph Intense 3D Pro2200/4T card with 20MB of memory. With the Intergraph accelerator, the IntelliStation M Pro posted a score of 41.4 frames per second on the CDRS-03 benchmark. In those same benchmark tests, Compaq's WS 6000 posted a score of 36.8, Dell's Workstation 400 scored 33.17 and HP's Kayak XW posted a score of 35.29 (4).

"We went through a three-month selection process and looked at Compaq, Dell, HP and IBM," said Ruddy Cornielle, manager of information systems, the University of Miami. "IBM provided the best product from an MIS administrative view, had the best software, video cards, etc., not to mention IBM's Wake on LAN(a), one of the most important features that convinced us, and one that no one else has," he said.

Industry Leading Technology

The IntelliStation M Pro is the first IBM IntelliStation to offer a dual SCSI Bus controller, using Adaptec's 7895 chip. This provides customers with the benefit of fast SCSI-based data access and support for optional RAID devices. The result is additional security, performance, and increased storage for applications such as linear video editing. The M Pro offers a choice of IBM's leading hard disk drive technology with either 4.2 GB 5400rpm, 4.5 GB 7200rpm or 9.1 GB 7200rpm Wide Ultra SCSI S.M.A.R.T disk drives.

The IntelliStation M Pro is bundled with Microsoft Netmeeting(c), which allows users to collaborate on projects with application sharing, whiteboard and other functions, IBM VoiceType Dictation Simply Speaking Gold dictation software, which allows for hands-free text dictation, and a license for the voice enabled Lotus SmartSuite(a).

Advanced Remote Manageability and Investment Protection

The IntelliStation M Pro offers integrated 10/100 Ethernet with IBM Wake on LAN(a) technology, enabling a remote network manager to start up "powered off" clients over a network. The IntelliStation M Pro provides support for Intel's Wired for Management specification, and offers an additional level of network management through IBM LANClient Control Manager(a) (LCCM) software. This graphical server-based PC management software tool allows for remote update and set-up of system configuration and disk imaging over the LAN.

Through IBM's AssetCare program customers benefit from theft deterrence, detection of system tampering, asset recovery and data protection. Main components of the IntelliStation M Pro (CPU and memory DIMMs) are laser etched with a 22-digit serial number which allows for inventory management through a third-party vendor, Retainagroup Ltd. These serial numbers are also stored in a EEPROM which provides simple desktop access to information regarding system configuration.

The IntelliStation M Pro will also provide customers with the management and investment benefits of IBM's SystemXtra(a) program. This integrated program offers customers industry-leading products and manageability technologies; worldwide support and services; and highly competitive financing options exclusively through IBM Business Partners for small, medium and large businesses.

Pricing and Availability

Estimated reseller prices for the IntelliStation M Pro (without monitor) start at about $3,500 (5), varying by model and configuration. In addition, IBM is offering a $500 reseller rebate for IntelliStations sold with any P-series monitors through the end of the year.

The IBM Professional Workstation group provides NT-based workstations for professionals who need high-performance workstations for design, digital content creation, financial services and software development applications. The IntelliStation Z Pro was announced in March 1997. Through the IntelliStation and RS/6000(a) lines, IBM offers one of the broadest workstation lines in the industry. -0- (a) Trademark or registered trademark of International Business

Machine Corporation. (b) Intel, and Pentium are trademarks registered to Intel Corp. (c) Microsoft, Windows NT and Netmeeting are trademarks or

registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. -0- All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. -0- (1) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not

application performance; many factors affect application performance. (2) 1 MB equals a million bytes and 1 GB equals 1000 million bytes

when referring to hard disk capacity. User capacity may vary. (3) Configuration: Pentium II, 300MHz, 64MB, Permedia II, 9.1GB SCSI,

Windows NT 4.0, 1024x768x16@85MHz (4) IBM IntelliStation M Pro: 300MHz, 64MB, 4.5GB SCSI, Windows NT

4.0, Intergraph Intense 3D Pro2200/4T, 1280x1024x24, 75Hz

Compaq 6000: 300MHz, 128MB, 4GB, Diamond FireGL 4000, 1280x1024x24,

75Hz Dell Workstation 400: 300MHz, 64MB, 3.2GB, Gloria-L/MX,

1024x768x24, 85Hz HP Kayak XW: 300MHz, 128MB, 9.1GB with FastRaid,

AccelECLIPSE, 1280x1024x24, 75Hz (5) Estimated reseller price to end users. Actual reseller prices may

vary. -0-

For more information regarding the terms and conditions of IBM's limited warranty, please call 1-800-772-2227. Copies available upon request.

EDITORS NOTE: IBM news releases are available on the Internet, via the IBM PC Company Home Page at tation.

For the latest information on ISV compatibility testing and certifications, see the IBM Web site at

The IBM Fax Information Service allows you to receive facsimiles of prior IBM product releases. Simply dial 1-800-IBM-4FAX and enter "99" at the voice menu.

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