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 TOKYO, July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM Corporation and Toshiba Corporation today announced a technology sharing and cooperation agreement aimed at bringing to market advanced solid-state data storage devices using flash memory chips.
 The solid state files (SSFs) will combine Toshiba's high-capacity NAND flash memory chips with IBM's advanced controller and interface technology. A flash memory chip is a nonvolatile memory device, which means it does not lose recorded data when power is turned off.
 SSFs incorporating flash chips perform the same functions as today's magnetic disk files. They are credit card thin, light weight, rugged, and consume low power. These features make them ideally suited for small personal computers, such as laptops, notebooks, and palmtops.
 Compared to NOR flash memory, Toshiba's proprietary NAND technology makes it possible to reduce the chip size to a level of integration that increases capacity. It also uses page programming to realize a faster data transfer speed than NOR flash EEPROM.
 The SSF controller, under development by IBM, optimizes block-erase to realize high-speed read and write operations. It also offers high reliability by using dynamic page allocation which equalizes a number of erase cycles per block.
 "Solid state flash files will help create a new generation of powerful and compact computers," said Kiyoji Ishida, IBM Japan senior managing director & general manager, Asia Pacific Technical Operations. "Our alliance brings together the expertise and best-of-breed technology of our two companies. Toshiba is a leader in flash memory chips, and IBM has decades of experience in advanced controller logic."
 "We are pleased IBM has adopted our NAND technology for SSF," said Hideharu Egawa, Toshiba's executive vice president with responsibility for the company's semiconductor and electron tube and device business. "There is strong and continuing demand for smaller and powerful data recording media, particularly in the area of portable computers. We hope that SSF will lead the way in the development of small size, large capital data storage. We will continue to promote NAND flash memory as an industry standard in the world market."
 Today's agreement calls for IBM and Toshiba to collaborate on SSF design and exchange key technologies. They can independently assemble SSFs, use them in their own products and market them to other companies. Additional details of the agreement were not disclosed.
 The two companies' SSFs will feature 16-megabit and 32-megabit NAND flash memory chips now under development by Toshiba. The devices will conform to the PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) standard with the intent to conform to other possible interfaces as they develop.
 -0- 7/2/92
 /CONTACT: Jon Iwata of IBM, 203-973-5058 (July 2 only), or 914-765-6630 (thereafter), or IBM Japan, Ltd., 03-5563-4297, or Toshiba, 03-3457-2105/
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Date:Jul 2, 1992

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