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 LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi Soft, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MSOF) today announced the signing of a Software Licensing Agreement which grants IBM (NYSE: IBM) the rights and license to market an extended runtime of Multi Soft's WCL(TM) (Windows Communications Library) product as an IBM Logo product.
 This IBM EXTENDED VERSION of Multi Soft's WCL is named IMS Client Server(TM) for Windows. It provides remote presentation support for IMS.
 In addition to the Software Licensing Agreement, Multi Soft said it is expected that Multi Soft and IBM will enter into an International Marketing Agreement to market Multi Soft's WCL Toolkit under the name IMS Client Server Toolkit(TM) for Windows in the next 30 days.
 Multi Soft, Inc. is a subsidiary of Multi Solutions, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MULT) and has provided state-of-the-art client- server software and solutions for production operating platforms and communications environment since 1985. Multi Soft's IMS Client Server Toolkit for Windows provides a set of developer utilities and application generators that are integrated with IBM's IMS CS/2(TM) product to produce graphical user interface resources and applications that add client functionality to existing IMS applications.
 IMC Client Server for Windows (IMS CS) provides an open architecture, middleware solution for accessing existing 3270 legacy systems using any Microsoft Windows development tool that can call a Windows DLL. "This really opens up the mainframe to all PC and LAN development environments," noted Miriam Jarney, executive vice president of Multi Soft. She went on to add that "products such as Visual Basic(TM), PowerBuilder(TM), SQL Windows(TM), C++(TM), and Visual C++(TM) can now be used with IMS CS to link directly to mainframe IMS applications and functionality."
 The open architecture of IMS CS, and the associated IMS CS Toolkit, provide a powerful extension to standard development environments, while also protecting an organization's investment in IMS systems, technical knowledge, and communications. No costly proprietary languages and development systems are required to achieve mainframe connectivity, Multi Soft said.
 IMS CS provides a high level interface and complete isolation for the developer from the quirks of the different communications vendors HLLAPI implementations. Mainframe connectivity is supported in exactly the same manner across a broad range of Windows communications products, including IBM's Personal Communications(TM) for Windows, Wall Data's RUMBA(TM), Attachmate's EXTRA!(TM), Rabbit's Gateway for Windows(TM), DCA's IRMA Workstation for Windows(TM), and Eicon's ACCESS(TM) for Windows.
 This allows applications using IMS CS to be rolled out into production across the range of communications products, without any specifics being required in the application for the low level communications products themselves. This removes a significant load from the developer, and makes mainframe connectivity from a wide range of applications an effective solution when corporate data needs to be referenced or updated.
 The IMS CS Toolkit provides the means for defining 3270 screens, specifying screen recognition characteristics, and the ability to create lists of defined 3270 screens so that each screen may be treated simply as an object within the development process. For Visual Basic, forms are generated directly by the Toolkit, and the links from the Visual Basic forms to the 3270 screens are automatic at execution time. For other development environments, the IMS CS Toolkit generates a data structure through which the interaction with the 3270 screens occurs.
 Mark Fischinger, the project manager at IBM for IMS CS/2, noted, "These capabilities along with the broad range of production-level functionality within IMS client server products, allow and encourage the creation of re-usable code and the ability to support mission critical systems. The IMS client server solutions provide the robustness necessary for production use, and the open architecture that gives an easy entry portal to 3270 applications across many development tools and products." Fischinger continued by noting, "IMS client server solutions provide a major additional level of functionality that allow production quality access to IMS, as well as many other 3270 based applications on the mainframe."
 "The Software Licensing Agreement and the International Marketing Agreement are expected to have a very significant impact on our bottom line over the next several years," noted Charles Lombardo, CEO of Multi Soft. Lombardo continued, "In addition to the revenue they are expected to generate, I believe they will increase both Multi Soft's presence in the market and sales of all of Multi Soft's other WCL products."
 In summary, as Patt Romero Cronin, the IBM IMS product manager, stated: "This Software Licensing Agreement between IMS and Multi Soft demonstrates IMS' commitments to provide extensions to the IMS family of products. We are continuing to provide solutions so that our customers can maintain their competitive position in their industry with the differentiating features that IMS provides. Today's solution positions the customers to reap the benefits of the workstation environment."
 For more information on Multi Soft and its products, contact Ray Ingram at Multi Soft, 609-896-4100.
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 /CONTACT: Charles Lombardo, CEO of Multi Soft, 609-896-4100/

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