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LAS VEGAS, March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM and Avail Systems Corp. (Boulder, Colo.) today announced an agreement under which Avail will create a link with IBM's ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) product and Avail's NetSpace hierarchical storage management (HSM) software. ADSM customers will now be able to access file server information managed by Avail's HSM software for Novell Netware.

The development agreement includes Avail Systems creating a software link from its HSM platform, Avail NetSpace for NetWare, to IBM ADSM systems. The link permits data actively maintained in file directories of PC networks to be migrated, stored, managed and backed up by mini and mainframe computers running ADSM. This makes Avail's PC network HSM products the only technology able to utilize ADSM's enterprise-wide data storage capabilities.

This agreement is another step in Avail's Open Virtual Storage strategy to create partners in technology to fulfill customers' needs for complete enterprise storage management. NetSpace is the leader among Novell NetWare storage management systems, commanding more than 70 percent of the installed market.

The collaboration between Avail and IBM represents the open storage management goals of both companies' products. "By developing application support for ADSM, Avail will help customers address their needs for more complete flexibility in managing data throughout the enterprise, from PCs to mainframes," said Lynn Yates, IBM Storage Systems Division vice president, software products.

Robert S. Wight, Avail's president and CEO, commented, "Real world information systems consist of many platforms producing data simultaneously. Great value can be derived by getting these platforms connected. We've made progress by allowing NetWare networks to share data management resources with IBM's ADSM systems. This solution ties together a large part of many enterprise-wide storage requirements."

HSM software provides expert, rule based procedures that automatically store all networked data on "layers" of storage peripherals. As network disk volumes fill with data, the oldest, least recently used files are migrated to various storage devices in the managed hierarchy (such as disk drives, optical jukeboxes and tape libraries) to optimize both the cost of the storage and the data access time. Files are transparently migrated and retrieved for the network user, since the file name remains in the user's server directory, providing virtual expansion of the network storage at a fraction of the cost of simply adding disk capacity to individual servers.

The flexibility of Avail's HSM design allows an ADSM system to act as any level of the local NetWare storage hierarchy. Files could be migrated to the ADSM managed space from the Novell network immediately, if desired, by the system administrator. This configuration would permit Avail NetSpace to act as an agent for the ADSM system, relocating files from NetWare servers to mainframe storage as soon as the files meet predetermined criteria. NetSpace then manages transparent access to the files for the NetWare users.

The link from PC network HSM to IBM's ADSM system will be available as an add on module to Avail's NetSpace product. The Avail Storage Kit for ADSM will be available July 3, 1995. Pricing has not been set for the kit.

Avail was the first company to develop hierarchical storage management software for Novell NetWare and for Windows NT. Since the product's introduction in July 1993, Avail's software has received many accolades, including Computer Technology Review's Reseller's Choice award and industry honors for technical excellence and outstanding new storage product. Avail Systems Corp., founded in 1991, is a privately held corporation whose investors are Aweida Ventures, Euclid Partners. and Hambrecht & Quist.
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