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 BURLINGAME, Calif., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing to meet aggressive development schedules, Motorola (NYSE: MOT) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today at the Microprocessor Forum they have completed first production of the second PowerPC(TM) microprocessor. The PowerPC 603(TM) joins the RISC family of microprocessors and offers workstation-level performance packed into a low-power consumption, low-cost design ideal for notebooks and desktop computers.
 The two companies completed the development and first fabrication of the new PowerPC 603 microprocessor less than 12 months after announcing initial silicon of their first chip, the PowerPC 601(TM). PowerPC chips, jointly designed by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), IBM, and Motorola, are based on a reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture, and incorporate leading-edge technologies and processes from both IBM and Motorola. The 603 microprocessor offers advanced performance at competitive pricing, and features advanced power management modes.
 "Completion of the 603 microprocessor reflects the IBM and Motorola commitment to provide the marketplace with a full spectrum of PowerPC microprocessors for use in IBM systems -- from personal digital assistants to desktops to supercomputers," said Phil Hester, vice president, systems and technology, IBM. "This commitment, coupled with our joint expertise in designing and manufacturing microprocessors, will enable us to drive the PowerPC architecture towards becoming the next industry standard."
 "The introduction of the 603 chip represents yet another major goal achieved by the Apple, IBM and Motorola Alliance and provides the industry with an additional powerful computing option," said Thomas D. George, president, Motorola semiconductor products sector. "The 603 chip is ideal for building low-cost desktop and portable personal computer systems and offers innovative power management features. Furthermore, the timely completion of this project is a clear indication of the success of the IBM/Motorola Somerset design center."
 Companies that have committed to developing PowerPC-based systems include Apple Computer, Groupe Bull, IBM, Harris, Ford Motor Co., THOMSON-CSF and Scientific-Atlanta.
 "Together, Apple, IBM and Motorola continue to create excitement in the industry by producing the most powerful microprocessors ever -- and by producing them on time," said Randy Battat, vice president of Macintosh desktop and powerbook division, Apple Computer. "We are extremely pleased with the Apple/IBM/Motorola alliance development and production efforts and look forward to maintaining a long and healthy relationship with these partners."
 The 603 is the second of four initial PowerPC microprocessors that IBM and Motorola will design, produce and market to the industry. The 603 is based on a 0.5 micron Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology. The companies are continuing on track with the development of the next two PowerPC parts, the 604 and 620 microprocessors, at their Somerset design facility in Austin, Texas, which employs more than 350 engineers from Motorola, IBM and Apple. The 603 chip will be manufactured at Motorola's MOS-11 facility in Austin, Texas and at IBM's Microelectronics facility in Burlington, Vt.
 PowerPC microprocessors are intended to address a wide range of computing requirements, from portable desktop computers, to midrange workstations and servers, to multi-processing, fault-tolerant and supercomputing systems. PowerPC microcontrollers also will be used for embedded control applications in automotive and consumer products.
 Motorola, IBM and third parties also offer comprehensive software, development tools and support packages for the PowerPC family to enable developers to substantially reduce overall design time.
 NOTE: PowerPC, PowerPC 601 and PowerPC 603 are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.
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 /CONTACT: Dean Mosley of Motorola, 512-891-2839; Malinda Banash or Anne Nason of Cunningham Communication for Motorola, 617-494-8202; Steven Malkiewicz of IBM, 914-642-5449; James Smith of IBM Microelectronics, 914-766-4066; Betty Taylor of Apple Computer, 408-974-3983/

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