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Spoke Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class professional relationship applications, has been selected by IBDNetwork (International Business Development Network) to provide their community with the most powerful on-line technology for global networking. By connecting their network of high-level executive contacts, IBDNetwork will host a community of over 100,000+ business executives from around the world in an online global dealmaking network. By using the Spoke Software, IBDNetwork will be able to automate the process of discovering relationships without revealing them, and can provide a secure, private method for making and receiving personal introductions for dealmaking.

"The partnership with Spoke is an ideal fit for us. The executives in our network depend on their personal and business relationships to get deals done," stated Debbie Landa, CEO and founder of IBDNetwork. "We are thrilled to finally offer the technical solution our community has been requesting for years, the ability to leverage existing contacts to gain 'warm' introductions for accelerated dealmaking. We believe your network is your net worth."

"IBDNetwork is an ideal group for us to partner with because these are people who know the value of building relationships and closing deals, and they'll see the value of Spoke within minutes of using it," said Ben T. Smith, CEO of Spoke Software. "We're out to kill the cold call, and what better way to do it than to partner with a network of professionals who face the challenges of outmoded ways of business development on a daily basis."

The partnership between the two organizations follows Spoke's participation in a "social networking shootout" event produced by IBDNetwork, where Spoke won the audience vote for best business applications around social networking.

IBDNetwork members will be able to access the custom designed IBDNetwork site at

From opportunity development to deal closing, to ongoing client and account management and development, Spoke is proving that relationships can be leveraged to gain information, apply influence, and win deals. Using a patented social network engine to create a complete graph of company relationships, Spoke enables companies and other organizations to discover relationship capital assets that may have been previously hidden or unknown. To date, the Spoke Network (accessible at no charge to the public) has connected users to more than seven million relationships and is growing at the rate of over two percent a day.

About IBDNetwork

Founded in September of 1999, IBDNetwork (International Business Development Network) was the first membership-driven networking organization for dealmakers. IBDNetwork is built on the belief that people and the quality of their relationships determine the success of a company. The organization provides an atmosphere that fosters relationships and provides forums that inspire new partnerships. IBDNetwork hosts evening networking events in the Bay Area, Boston, and Seattle. IBDNetwork attracts a targeted group of executives (CXOs, VCs and VPs) to regular meetings that focus on the business of technology.

About Spoke Software

Spoke is a developer of professional relationship applications that enable professionals to leverage existing relationships, optimize sales and business development sales processes, and drive top line revenue. Spoke Software improves sales productivity and complements conventional CRM and SFA solutions, leveraging relationships both privately and securely. Spoke currently works with a number of pilot customers -- including industry leaders and Fortune 1000 companies in manufacturing, high tech, financial and professional services sectors -- to improve their sales and deal execution. The company has more than $20 million in venture capital investment and 15 patents pending. Spoke investors include US Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures, and Partech International.

Spoke Software can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 650/213-0602.
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