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IARW-WFLO Joint Conference in Athens Tackles QFF Logistics Issues in Greece.

The Divani Apollon Palace in Kavouri-Athens, Greece, was the scene of a recent joint conference on the logistics of frozen and refrigerated foods by the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) and the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO).

The event was sponsored by Lomvardos Cold Stores, Volos, Greece, and organized by Robert McNamara, business development manager of the company. The conference reportedly met with such enthusiasm that it is expected be repeated next year with greater focus on education.

As befitted the setting, two of the speakers were Dimitris Vamvacopoulos, president of the Greek Public Refrigerated Warehousing Association; and Christos Kontoveros, general secretary of the Greek Frozen Food Association, who brought IARW and WFLO members up to date on the industry and explained the role of their groups.

Raymond E. Biggar of Canada, chairman of the WFLO, was a featured speaker. So were J. William Hudson of the United States, president and ceo of the IARW; and Theo van Sambeeck of the Netherlands, European director of the IARW. Presentations focused on the way in which the two organization play a vital role in food storage and distribution around the globe.

The IARW represents the refrigerated services industry -- warehousing, distribution, transportation and logistics. The WFLO strives to improve methods of refrigeration, develop and support research in the science of food technology, cooperate with government and private institutions in research activities, train and educate personnel, and establish and make available a repository of scientific information.

Vamvacopoulos touched on the problems that public refrigerated warehouses face today in Greece, and noted that there are also private warehouses serving only the processors that own them. Kontoveros discussed various frozen and refrigerated food categories and well as making an in-depth comparison of the Greek market with those of other European markets. He finished by saying that "the facts show the rise of frozen food consumption" and reiterated that "the transportation and distribution of frozen foods requires knowledge, experience and responsibility."

Conference participants had the opportunity to get together and learn about the various organizations that exist and find out what they can offer. The audience was composed of executives and managers of Greek and multinational companies as well as government bodies such as Minerva, 3E, McCain, Frigofood, G. & J. Passalis, The Ministry of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Services of the US embassies in Greece and Italy, Taygetos Coldstores, Pan Antoulatos and Kalipso AEBE.

Hench Cuts Down Energy Use At Refrigerated Warehouses

Hench Controls Corp., San Jose, California, USA, has been busy installing control systems at a number of refrigerated warehouses lately. Two are now operated by Atlas Cold Storage, another by Geneva Lakes Cold Storage.

At Darien, Wisconsin, Hench installed an energy-saving control system for Geneva Lakes as part of a facility upgrade. It will operate compressors, condensers, evaporators and pump packages, and is expected to pay for itself within two years.

A similar modular control system designed around Vilter compressors and condensers is up and running at Arias Cold Storage's Brooklyn Park, Minn., facility. An AlarmPager[TM] connection keeps operators in constant contact with the refrigeration system, even when off-site.

Two Hench controllers are being used to run ten blast freezers at a PRW in Cartersville, Georgia, one of three plants recently acquired from Georgia Freezers by Associated Freezers of Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- which in turn has become part of Atlas.

One Expansion Completed, Another Planned by USCS

United States Cold Storage, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA, recently completed a 65,000-square foot addition to its refrigerated warehouse at Bakersfield, California, and is planning a further expansion of 60,000 square feet.

The two expansions, designed and built by the Stellar Group, Jacksonville, Florida, will bring total square footage at -20 [degrees] to 273,000. The addition that opened in March includes two new compressors, a condenser, evaporators, racking system, wall panels, insulated doors and a refrigeration control system.

Mesa Cold Storage Building New Distribution Center

Construction is under way for a new Mesa Cold Storage distribution facility in Tolleson, Arizona, USA, a suburb of Phoenix.

The new building features 100,000 square feet and is scheduled for completion in January 2001. The Haskell Company, Jacksonville, Florida, designed the facility.
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